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A Complete Guide To The Kanger Nebox

In this complete guide to the Kanger Nebox we’re going to cover its features, specifications, and show you all of its operations so that if you already own the device or plan to purchase it, you’ll know exactly what to do from the moment you open its shiny packaging.  We’re quite...

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Kanger KONE Starter Kit Preview

  Hot on the heels of the Kanger PANGU tank system’s release, the company has dropped yet another bombshell.  Why buy just a tank when you can get a whole new system?  This week the company announced the release of the KONE starter kit, pairing the PANGU with a brand new base unit.  Over...

Product Watch Vape Hardware Previews

KangerTech Pangu Tank Preview

  Has KangerTech brought the industry full circle with it’s upcoming tank system, The Pangu?  A first look has many vapers asking if this tank is attempting to bring back the cartomizer system or if it’s an innovative new design aimed at making our lives cleaner and simpler...


Kanger Cupti – The Future of Mods?

  By now we’re sure that most people have seen the brand new all-in-one mod by Kanger, known as the Cupti.  And, we’re wondering could the Cupti design be the future of vape mods?  The first all-in-one mod that Kanger created, the Nebox, was the perfect design for vapers, and many...

Product Watch Vape Hardware Previews

Kanger Evod Pro MTL System

  The latest innovation in the Kangertech EVOD line is finally here.  With the release of the Kanger EVOD Pro MTL system, the manufacturer has set its sights on giving the best possible vaping experience to new vapers and those who prefer the mouth to lung vaping experience.  Throughout its...

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Top 3 Best Mods 2016

  We’re just over half way through 2016 and it’s time to take a look back and see which 3 vape mods stood out the most for the team here at GuideToVaping.  Bear in mind that these are just our opinions and they may vary greatly from yours, but we sat in the office earlier and came...



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