Kanger has always gained a rather large gathering because of their clearomizers and the coils that power them. Unfortunately, like many products, even the popular Kanger coils have their own set of problems. Kanger coils are known for holding great performance, but at the same time has a slight hiccup, such as the inability to wick properly with some e-liquids. In fact, many people have started modifying replacement Kanger coils by removing wicking material to accept more e-liquid at a quicker rate.

Today I’ll be reviewing a newly redesigned coil, the Kanger Sub-Ohm Clearomizer Coil. This newly redesigned coil looks similar to an Aspire coil, which I personally feel is the best coil on the market right now. The only difference in the Kanger coil versus the Aspire coil is that the Kanger has a post sticking out from the middle, a lot like its previous coils. Being that this coil is sub-ohm (0.8ohm), it allows average vapers to receive a modest sub-ohm setup, just as many of the advanced vapers build with their rebuildable atomizers. This type of coil has enabled two different worlds to clash to deliver quite the experience.

Note: I’ve been using the Kanger Sub-Ohm Coil with an AeroTank, sitting on a Nemesis Mechanical Mod. (At 3.7volts using a mechanical mod and the 0.8Ohm Kanger sub-ohm clearomizer coil, it places you at 17watts)


Much like all of Kanger’s products, the Kanger Sub-Ohm coil takes on the same type of quality. The coils of course have appropriate rubber seals, nicely machined and offers outstanding quality in performance.


The Kanger Sub-Ohm Clearomizer Coils look almost identical to an Aspire coil, with separation of small differences. The Sub-Ohm coil has a post in the center of the coil that is used as the air outlet. Below the post is a rubber seal that sits on the metal coil housing. This seal is used to block out any e-liquid from entering the top of the coil, which is also the part where you can remove to see the coils inside the housing. On the coil housing there is the Kanger logo, the name and the ohm rating, which is 0.8. Located on each side of the coil housing is a cutout slit to allow e-liquid to wick onto the coils inside. The slits are the same size in width as an Aspire hole, but the length is double. It looks like there were 2 holes drilled out right beside one another. The same slit has been cutout on the opposite side of the coil housing.

Kanger Sub-Ohm 0.8OHM


I’ve been heavily favoring Aspire coils ever since they came out, and I honestly haven’t found any other coil that can compete with it in performance… until now. The Kanger Sub-Ohm coils not only deliver quite the experience with its ability to produce large amounts of vapor, but it also wicks exceptionally well also. I haven’t used these coils with a high percentage of VG in my e-liquid, but the 70PG/30VG e-liquids I’ve used still deliver quite a good amount of vapor, along with a warm and harsher vape.

Kanger Sub-Ohm E-Liquid Hole

I’m honestly blown away by the experience with these Kanger Sub-Ohm Coils. One thing I don’t like about using rebuildable atomizers, is that if you’re going to build a sub-ohm coil, you can’t use a high milligram of nicotine because the throat hit becomes really harsh, and for me it becomes unvapable (is that a word? lol). With Kanger’s Sub-Ohm coil, the build is very light, just barely entering sub-ohm territory, so I’m still able to vape my preferred 18mg e-liquid.

Bonus Tips

  • You can use these coils in a clearomizer when attached to a device such as the iTaste MVP V2.
  • The MVP is limited to 11 watts. To get the most out of these coils, you’ll need to use an advanced personal vaporizer that can go higher in watts or use a mechanical mod.
  • The Kanger Sub-Ohm Clearomizer Coils will fit the following Clearomizers: Protank 3, Mini Protank 3, Aerotank, Aerotank Mega, Aerotank Mini, Evod 2 Clearomizer, T3D, Evod Glass



  1. If it fits the aero tank then why wouldn’t it fit the protank 2 ? I use both the aero and protank in my VTR and the coils are the same.I don’t have a protank 3 because I have a hundred coils to fit my areo and protank 2.So WTF.

    • If I’m not mistaken, it has to do with the redesigned air flow. The ProTank 2 is not built for the placement of the inlets on this one. Secondly, I don’t know that the ProTank 2 is built to handle the power this thing draws, but that’s just speculation.

    • YOU ARE SO RITE! i use this on my t3d and stupidly got duped into buying an aspire as well which was 8 dollars but the coil was only 2.50.. My battery is an Itaste vv 3.0 and IT WORKS AMAZING ON LOWEST SETTINGS 3.3v at 6w.