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Kayfun Lite Plus Review

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I have always been a huge fan of dripping. Even in the early days of vaping when we were using stick batteries and cartomizers, very rarely did I ever really keep up on my cartridges and more often than not I found myself taking the mouthpiece off, dripping a few drops right on the coil and enjoying a nice saturated vape. I also remember the first real drip tip …you would be surprised now a day to hear that the simple drip tip was such a big deal when it was introduced.

It’s amazing to think of how far we have come in such a few short years, the amount of innovation we have seen; some good and some bad. As the industry has grown and as more and more devices are coming out, it’s becoming less and less likely to really come across something that makes you go “Wow!” – And then the Kayfun was released.

aspire bdc ego

Tank like devices are a dime a dozen now, cartomizer tanks, CE2, CE4, Evod, Protanks, Aspires, and the various home-brewed tanks coming from designers. I like many others strive to find the laziest and best way to vape, as good as dripping still is in my opinion compared to just about any other available option, I strive to find something that takes away the act of dripping but leaves the vape experience I get from dripping in tact; warm, saturated and wet delicious vapor. Unfortunately many of these tank systems fall short whether it be performance or ease of use.

They Kayfun series of rebuildable atomizers are quite simple in their design once you take it apart and look at it, but to think that someone had the idea in the first place seems almost impossible to me. The Kayfun works on the principle of creating a negative pressure as you inhale, forcing juice up through these two small juice channels into the wick of your choice.

Kayfun piecesThe Kayfun Lite Plus consists in total of 7 pieces, 5 of them really making up the device (3 Pieces are the tank body either in full stainless steel or the optional clear window) and for the sake of simplicity I will be referring to the kayfun in 5 pieces. The Kayfun consists of the top cap, the body, and the bottom deck; on the inside you have the chimney which consists of a main tube and a tapered top which seals into the top cap. It may all seem a bit complicated when you have it sitting in pieces in front of you however it’s quite easy to take apart and put back together.

kayfun bottomLooks wise the Kayfun Lite Plus is quite attractive, it comes in a brushed stainless steel finish which can either have a complete stainless look or have the center section swapped out for a clear plastic center window so one can see the amount of juice in their tank. There are no logos or any real breaks in its sleek design aside from the lines where the tank sections meet, a single air hole on the deck and the chimney where the drip tip sits. It looks fantastic on just about every 22MM device, and even on something like a Provari with the correct “beauty ring”. The bottom of the atomizer where the 510 connector sits shows the Sveo Mesto logo with “Designed in Russia, Made in Germany” as well as the fill hole screw and the small air hole adjustment screw.

Under the hood you will find a raised atomizer deck, two posts a positive and a negative, and an air hole which is positioned to pull air through the coil. A small “balcony” on either side of the deck for your wicking material which leads down into juice channels which flow to the bottom of the tank. A small tube which we call the chimney mates with a tapered piece that seals into the top cap isolates the atomizer chamber from the juice in the tank.

kayfun coilBuilding the Kayfun series of atomizers is probably the easiest out of the rebuildable tanks. Once your coil is wrapped, regardless of if it’s a micro coil with cotton, or a standard wick with silica, you simply wrap the positive and negative posts, tighten and make sure the coil is lined up over the air hole. Once your coil and wick is set up on the atomizer deck you can screw on the chimney cylinder and position your wicks. Make sure the wick is adequately filling the openings on both sides of the deck over the juice channels, but be sure not to over or under wick; too much wick and you will find yourself getting dry hits, to little and you will end up flooding the atomizer chamber. Unlike many tanks which rely on gravity or juice naturally traveling up the wick via capillary action, the Kayfun relies on the negative pressure created when inhaling to force juice up the small channels and into the wick. Once the wick is positioned you will want to prime the wick with the juice you will be using, once saturated you can screw on the tapered section of the chimney, followed by the main body  and then the top cap. Once the device is assembled you can turn it upside down, remove the fill screw and fill the tank up with your favorite juice, place the screw back and you’re ready to vape.

kayfun lite plusThe Kayfun is a very rewarding vape experience, while many factors affect the overall vape it tends to bring a warm, condensed vapor with tons of flavor due to its relatively small atomizer chamber and air flow direction from underneath the coil. I personally like to build a .7 ohm micro coil with cotton and 26 gauge wire, I find this gives me a very warm and flavorful vape, however your mileage may vary depending on your preferences. Each pull on the Kayfun is just as good as the last, as you inhale you pull more juice into the coils, and even with a full VG juice, the Kayfun has no problems keeping up. However this will all depend on the build you do. The airflow control is a nice addition to the KFL+ giving users the ability to go for a tighter or looser draw, however I do wish that I could open up the airflow just a little bit more. I personally prefer a nice open draw, though I do think its sufficient for most users;  mine does appear to have a bit of a whistle, regardless of the airflow controls position a slight whistle can be heard as you inhale. I have heard many reports of others having this issue as well. One thing about the Kayfun that amazes me is its ability to use all the juice in the tank. Every vape will be perfect, and the moment that perfect vape goes wrong you will find the tank bone dry, every last little drop sucked up with the exception of some residue clinging to the sides of the metal, no need to tip upside down, dry pull or fiddle to make sure your coils are staying wet even when the tank is nearly empty. Refilling is also a breeze,  simply remove the fill screw on the bottom of the tank, use a syringe or a needle tip bottle and fill away with your favorite juice, did I mention that this tank holds nearly 5ML of eliquid? Perfect for filling up in the morning before you go out and not needing to worry about refills, again your mileage may vary but for me a tank will last me all day.

Unlike atomizers however one thing still plays a big factor in a tank system, you need to commit to a juice, you need to make sure you fill it up with a juice you can vape until its dry, yes you can remove the juice,  suck it up with a syringe or take it apart however why make a mess if you don’t need to. Once the tank is dry, you’re free to take it apart, rinse the pieces and use a new juice of choice, this is one of the many reasons I prefer a micro coil with cotton build. I can remove my cotton, rinse the entire thing while leaving the coils in tact, thread new cotton and fill it up with a new juice.


I began my vaping journey sometime in 2008 and while it did not last, it paved the way for the rest of my life, I began vaping again in 2010 and have not had a cigarette since. I am an IT Professional by trade, a family man and someone whom values friendships and honest opinions greatly. Vaping is a passion, a hobby and a way of life for me and something I take pleasure in sharing and enjoying with others.

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  1. Nice review, kayfuns are still my go to device. I haven’t found anything that matches this yet.

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