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KOHIBA Tobacco E-Liquid 120ML $15

West Coast Vape Supply

Kohiba Tobacco E-Liquid is a new brand to the market that offers up traditional tobacco flavors combined with the modern taste of desserts, fruits, and more. With this deal you can get one of three 120ML Kohiba tobacco flavors for just $15!

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  • Kohiba – Bourbon Tobacco E-Liquid: Enjoy 120ML of Bourbon Tobacco flavored e-liquid that’s insanely flavorful. This traditional mix will leave your mouth watering for more as you’re reminded of a very familiar dessert. Be careful though, this one will go quick!
  • Kohiba – Blueberry Tobacco E-Liquid: With just a slight hint of blueberry, this 120ML tobacco flavored e-liquid will have you amazed at its not so traditional mix. It’s crafted perfectly for those who enjoy tobacco flavors, but has an additive blueberry flavor for a taste that’s unique and delicious.
  • Kohiba – Kustard Tobacco E-Liquid: It’s all about custard with this 120ML bottle of e-liquid. Imagine a delicious tobacco and custard mix that’s creamy and perfectly crafted for your taste buds. It provides a fantastic taste that’s smooth and super enjoyable at any time of the day.

The Kohiba brand was designed for those that still enjoy the taste of tobacco, yet at the same time enjoying a bit of added flavor to really entice those taste buds. It’s ok to vape and still get that tobacco taste, and that’s what Kohiba is all about. Try one or jump in at all three. If you enjoy tobacco flavors, we think you’ll like Kohiba.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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