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Naked 100 Releases Two New Flavors Into Its Collection

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You’ve all heard the name and chances are, you’ve seen the e-liquid scattered throughout brick & mortar shops, as well as online. That’s a huge indicator that Naked 100 is among the industry’s most popular brands or is the industry’s most popular brand. It’s a fight between Naked and more than a handful of its competitors, but nonetheless, Naked 100 is a giant. It’s as if each flavor it develops becomes an overnight success, and it has just released two new flavors into its collection that we believe will follow the same trend.

It’s a big deal when Naked 100 develops and releases new flavors because essentially anything they produce turns out to be yet another one of their big hits. With this release, it’s Naked 100 Apple Cooler and Naked 100 Peachy Peach, two excitingly new flavors that both deliver a unique twist readily available for even the pickiest tastes. Let’s example these two a little more and discover why we believe Apple Cooler and Peachy Peach by Naked 100 Juice will be the latest buzz in vaping.

Naked 100 Apple Cooler

If anyone knows it best, it’s consumers that know and adore the quality you receive from each bottle carrying the Naked 100 name. The quality and satisfaction from the brand don’t need questioning though, it’s the newly developed flavor, Apple Cooler. The Apple Cooler flavor by Naked 100 E-Liquid offers all of the fruity notes your tastes have been craving, combining a splendid blend of crisp apples, tasty grapes, and a juicy watermelon that feels as if it came straight from a summertime farm. With the flavors combined and delivering an exhilarating taste, a cool burst of menthol is added into the mix for the ultimate refresher that you’ve been yearning for during summer months.

Naked 100 Peachy Peach

It’s yet another fascinating flavor that is added to the already brilliant line-up known as Naked 100 E-Liquid. As with all e-liquid flavors developed by this company, you can expect nothing but the best, rather it’s quality, performance, or taste for that matter. Naked 100 Peachy Peach E-Liquid is a remarkable blend of fruits, much like many of the others that rest in its collection. It consists of many delicious fruits, all combined with one another to create a magical vaping experience. It uses juicy mangoes, peaches that are dripping wet, and tangy apricots to finish off an exotic taste that you’re sure to revisit time and time again.


While this article is simply an entry into our news category, let it be a reminder of how great of a brand that Naked vape juice has become, along with an introduction into what flavors Naked 100 has the capability of producing. They’ve developed some of the industry’s most popular e-liquid flavors, and just like many of the others that we’ve shared with you on this blog, these two new flavors are bound to take the spotlight as well, just as others have. There is no doubt about it, Naked 100 creates outstanding e-liquid, and we’re sure you’ll be just as pleased with Naked 100 Apple Cooler and Naked 100 Peachy Peach E-Liquid as well.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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