If you didn’t already know, the Kanger Kbox didn’t come with a fancy screen like every other mod on the market.  So, what makes it so special?  The Kanger Kbox is a special mod because of its focus, which was to offer high wattage at the lowest price possible, and it achieved just that.  With the Kbox, you’re getting a device that can reach up to 40 watts, and believe me when I say this, it hits hard, really hard (power for power).  In addition, the Kbox is cheap… cheaper than any other device currently on the market with less or equal wattage.  If you don’t purchase the Kbox for your daily, it’s a must to purchase it at least as a backup… you just can’t go wrong with this low of a price.

Price: $25.15

Coupon: YeahBaby