If you’re a fan of small regulated box mods, such as myself, then you’ll be thrilled to hear that Cloupor has a new product beginning to hit the shelves… the Cloupor Mini!

From what I’ve gathered, Cloupor is looking to solve an issue, which is something found in devices like the iStick.  They want to offer a really small regulated device, and still have the ability to run the vaping market’s latest sub-ohm products… for example, the Aspire Atlantis.

This being said, not only is the Cloupor Mini, well… mini, but it also accepts 0.45Ω coils.  This means that you can use the Atlantis, Subtank or your favorite rebuildable dripping atomizer with no problems at all.

cloupor mini screen

Here’s The Features

  • Accepts as low as 0.45Ω
  • Removable 18650
  • Adjustable 510 Pin
  • Variable Wattage 7W-30W
  • Variable Voltage 3.6V-7V
  • Size: 77.5 x 36 x 22mm
  • Passthrough Capabilities
  • Adjustable 510 eGo Connector Pin
  • Left & Right Modes
  • VV / VW Modes
  • OLED Display


cloupor mini battery


  1. I use the Cloupor Hana Mod Clone and I really like it. The only draw back that I have come across on this mod is that you have to remove two screws to change the battery. Looking at the photos of the mini I do not see any screws securing the cover. Is it a magnetic cover? And if so, what are your thoughts regarding safety should the battery decide to go nuclear?