The vaping market continues to pour out outstanding products, making many options ready and available for us vapers to delve into.  As a string of continuous advanced products, such as rebuildable atomizers, make their way into the hands of vapers, it’s become this huge scene inside the world of vaping. It began as something where vapers could save money by building their own coils and at the same time receive an increase in flavor, and it later turned into a madhouse of users dropping to a super low resistance and chucking out enormous vapor clouds.

confusedThough there isn’t anything wrong with lowering your resistance as long as you have proper knowledge, keep safety top of mind and understand the risks involved. However, the problem we face right now is that vape shops are setting up beginners with these advanced products and without giving them proper knowledge to use them. In addition, beginner vapers are now coming into the world of vaping thinking that they ‘must’ enter this sub-ohm territory to receive a ‘good hit’ or ‘good vape’.

The truth is that these vapers never have to resort to sub-ohm’ing to receive good vapor production and flavor.  There are many clearomizers on the market that offer a great vapor production, especially when paired with a variable voltage or variable wattage device. Though most clearomizers will not offer the same increased flavor seen in a rebuildable atomizer, those clearomizers still offer quite the delicious experience.  For those new vapers that do want to explore rebuildable atomizers, we recommend that you do the research first to keep yourself safe.  A friend of ours, Nathan Shaw, from has an outstanding Sub-Ohm Vaping Safety article that will be sure to get you started.

When these sub-ohm rebuildable atomizers are being paired with mechanical mods that do not have any safety features or limitations in place, and being introduced to new vapers, it’s ruining that new experience and opening the doors for increased risks. If you’re new to rebuildable atomizers, we highly recommend that you only use regulated mods with those needed safety features are included.

This blog post was thought of because a local shop in my area sold a new vaper a mechanical mod and rebuildable dripping atomizer setup with a 0.1Ω coil. This new vaper went home, fired his device and a flame shot out from the top of his atomizer. Moreover, the battery that they sold him was not safe to use with such a low ohm coil, that they (the shop) built. As a note, this shop didn’t provide any tips or explain safe ways to use the device.

As a result, I’ve setup a “mini-meet” for my area where we’ll hold a rebuildable atomizer class to explain how to use these devices and explain safe ways to use them. I encourage you to put together something similar for your area also.