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Nitecore I2 Smart 2-Channel Charger $11.99

West Coast Vape Supply

On the hunt for a new charger that has the capability of charging your batteries properly, then jump on this deal to get the Nitecore I2 Smart 2-Channel Charger for $11.99. That’s a low price for a charger made by a brand that has become a household name for vapers. Don’t always blame your battery saying that they’re getting weak, because it could be your battery charger’s inability to charge your batteries to maximum capacity. For a low-cost you can get a brand new charger and make sure that your batteries are being charged properly.

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The Nitecore I2 Smart Charger is an outstanding and very reliable battery charger. It’s capable of charging 2 batteries simultaneously and can automatically identify if the battery is Li-ion, Ni-MH, or Ni-Cd. It recognized the type of battery then applies an proper charging mode. The I2 charger also features a 3-color LED display to show the charging progress of each battery, then automatically stops charging when the process has completed. This charger will charge anything from a 10340 battery, 18650 battery, and up to a 26650 battery, so you be able to charge any battery now available for vaping devices.


Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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