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A Complete Guide To The Pioneer4You iPV V3 Mini

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With its longstanding history in the vapor products space, Pioneer4You was once a household name for vapers all across the world, and they’re now back with yet another outstanding device to regain the attention it so rightly deserves by introducing the Pioneer4You iPV V3 Mini, an intelligent all-in-one automatic bottom-feeding device that features temperature control and the YiHi ESS (Electronic Spray Squonk) Driver Technology. However, don’t think for a moment that you’ve been living without the makers of these incredibly outstanding vapor products until now, because YiHi is the umbrella that covers the Pioneer4You brand you’ve known all throughout these years.

In today’s article, we’re going to share an exclusive, complete guide to the Pioneer4You iPV V3 Mini, covering its features and telling you how to operate it so that once you receive it, you have a destination that provides all of the information you’ll need to properly use your new device. Whether you’re here to learn how to adjust the temperature or you’re just looking for more information about the iPV V3 Mini, Guide To Vaping has you covered as always.

About The iPV V3 Mini

Pioneer4You iPV V3 MiniFor several years, you’ve heard the Pioneer4You name, and we’re willing to bet you’ve heard of the iPV series name alongside it. It’s a series that has been running since its inception and they’ve become very well known and respected for producing solid devices that deliver both marveled features and stunning performance throughout its portfolio of vaping products. The iPV V3 Mini follows the same trend, offering up an awesome experience that is capable because of a variety of features.

The iPV V3 Mini is powered by a YiHi SX635J chipset and utilizes an integrated 1400mAh battery for all-day use. The device is available in many colorways to choose from and is constructed of zinc-alloy, meaning it not only looks good, but it is built with a durable frame as well. To sum things up, the Pioneer4You iPV V3 Mini is an auto-squonking pod system that adopts the YiHi ESS Driver Technology. It feeds the auto bottom-feeding system to resupply the 3.5ML capacity iPV Elf ADA Pod to prevent any potential dry burns. The juice reservoir is separated from the heating element core, which not only protects the e-liquid but also preserves the flavor. Using the YiHi original ADA Atomizer Core, and pairing it with the hefty 1400mAh battery, you’ll have two adjustable wattage modes to choose from, including P1 and P2. P1 allows you to reach up to 15W, while P2 can climb up to 30W. There is also a temperature control mode that makes this device even more spectacular. The iPV Elf Ada Replacement Pod is just as impressive and makes the whole experience worthwhile, as it features two options, a 0.3-ohm DTL (Direct-To-Lung) Squonk Pod and a 1.0-ohm MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) Squonk Pod, both of which have a plug-n-play connection and automatic squonking capability.

Since the iPV V3 Mini by Pioneer4You offers so many features, there must be some type of safety protection in place, so Pioneer4You has implemented a full protection suite that includes low voltage protection, over-heat protection, short circuit protection, and low resistance protection. The IPV V3 Mini auto squonker is completely controlled via a three-button control face, including the fire button and two adjustment buttons. The device is super compact, half the size of a phone, and even features an OLED IPS HD display that offers battery indications and current mode. There is so much going on with this pod system, from the airflow adjustments on the atomizer to the temperature control that is adjustable to the automatic squonking feature. This is the future of vaping, ladies and gentleman!

iPV V3 Mini Operation

How To Use The iPV V3 Mini: Believe it or not but the iPV V3 Mini is actually a pod-based system. To use the device, first fill the pod container with e-liquid by using the fill port. Reinsert the silicone cover, then push the pod container (the part that holds the e-liquid) into the bottom of the device.

Understanding Standby Mode: The standby mode is basically your device going into a sleep mode so that it doesn’t constantly use valuable battery resources. To combat this, when the device’s display turns on, the device is in a standby mode. To exit the standby mode, press the power button to activate the screen, the screen will then light up, and then the device is ready to be used.

How To Lock/Unlock The Device: To lock and unlock the device, you’ll want to press the fire/power button down three times continuously. You will use this feature when the device is in your pocket or handbag to ensure that if a button is accidentally pressed that nothing happens. It’s simply a safety precaution that was added for your convenience.

How To Enter The Menu: To enter the device’s main menu, press the fire/power button 5 times continuously. This will open the doors to more adjustments within the device, such as switching modes, adjusting the temperature, and a variety of other adjustable features.

How To Switch Power Modes: While in standby mode, press the fire/power button 5 times continuously to enter the main menu. Next press the fire/power button to highlight P1 or P2 power options.

How To Adjust The Temperature: While in standby mode, press the fire/power button 5 times continuously to enter the main menu. Next press the fire/power button to highlight the temperature. Once highlighted, you can then use the plus and minus (+/-) adjustment buttons to adjust the temperature.

How To Adjust The Temperature Unit: While in standby mode, press the fire/power button 5 times continuously to enter the main menu. Next press the fire/power button to highlight the unit of temperature. You have an option of Celcius or Fahrenheit (C/F). Then press the plus or minus (+/-) adjustment buttons to switch the unit of temperature.

How To Adjust The E-Liquid Feeding Speed: While in the standby mode, press the plus or minus (+/-) adjustment buttons to adjust the e-liquid feeding speed. The feeding speed ranges from 15 to 60, so the higher the value, the faster the speed. Pioneer4You recommends a range of 25 to 40 for optimal feeding speed to produce the best flavor, and shares that increasing the speed too high may lead to leaking or weak flavor.

How To Manually Feed E-Liquid To The Atomizer: While in the standby mode, keep pressing the plus (+) adjustment button to feed e-liquid from the pod container to the atomizer. If you add too much e-liquid, you can manually suck the e-liquid back into the pod container.

How To Manually Suck The E-Liquid Back Into The Pod Container: While in the standby mode, keep pressing the minus (-) adjustment button to suck the e-liquid back into the pod container.

How To Charge The iPV V3 Mini Battery: The iPV V3 Mini has a built-in rechargeable battery. To charge it, a micro-USB port is equipped on the bottom of the device. When the display on the device shows “Low Battery”, use the provided USB cable and attach one end to the device, and the other end to a USB outlet to begin the charging process.

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