Recently, Playboy, one of the worlds most recognized and popular consumer brands, announced the launch of – a premium electronic cigarette collection carrying the Playboy brand.

Just under half a year ago, we told you about Playboy launching a new line of electronic cigarette products, and though there was a Playboy website, it didn’t yet offer any of its branded products. Fast track to December and they’re ready and available.

The premium collection of Playboy-branded electronic vapor products include disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes and hookahs in a variety of flavors. Consumers can now access the full line at, and to celebrate the launch of the site, Playboy is offering a variety of exclusive Vapor collection packages at discounted prices during the holiday season.

What makes this deal even better? – Get this… With every purchase, you’ll get a free pack of 3 premium condoms. Ohhh, I’m feeling lucky already!

All jokes aside, the website offers an inviting, elegant and rich lifestyle appearance just as it has throughout all of its products for years. In addition, I like that they’ve not only offered disposable e-cigs, but are offering eGo styled e-cigs with what looks like a CE5+ Clearomizer. Seems like they’re off to a good start.


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