Carly Gay, a pregnant mother of 5 months, has been a smoker for 10 years, but she’s now turned to e-cigarettes as an alternative.

She says that she’s tried to stop smoking “but it’s next to impossible”. In addition, Carly has smoked a pack a day throughout her 10 year addiction and she knew her baby couldn’t handle that. And, that’s why she tried e-cigarettes.

Carly says with e-cigarettes, at least she can reduce how much nicotine she is using. In fact, Carly started at the highest nicotine strength (which was most likely 24mg) and she then started scaling back, and now nicotine free. We vapers call Carly a “no-nic vaper”, something that is starting to become more common throughout the industry.

Carly uses her electronic cigarette frequently throughout the day and that leaves her open to snap judgement from seeing a pregnant woman “smoking” (that is how the majority of the public will see it).

“Maybe they should do their research before they get judgmental,” Carly said. “It’s a lot better than smoking a cigarette, that’s for sure.”