A brilliantly designed rebuildable dripping atomizer, this is one deal you won’t want to miss out on!  I’m overly excited about this RDA, and here’s why: I’ve always been a complainer about having to drip.  You have to hold your device, the cap to your RDA, the cap to your e-liquid bottle and drip onto your coils, and sometimes that can become frustrating.  This RDA helps eliminate some frustration since it has a hinged top cap.  Furthermore, the Swirlfish V2 has a rather unique airflow design, a split positive post, and a deep juice well.  This one’s a stellar dripper that’s super affordable!

The Project Sub-Ohm® SwirlFish™ V2 RDA is the newest iteration of the SwirlFish™ RDA, integrating a new Swirl Top Easy Drip System, a threaded, adjustable airflow deck shield, a new array of airflow options, an a shortened overall height as compared to the original. One of the marquee features of the SwirlFish™ V2 is the Swirl Top Easy Drip System, featuring a hinged locking top cap that is accessed using the finger notch or through a correctly fitted 510 drip tip, opening up for easier access for dripping. This easy to use feature allows for hassle free and accurate dripping particularly geared for everyday use. New to the SwirlFish™ V2 is the threaded deck shield, featuring a diagonally cut rounded square pattern, allowing for additional juice well space as well as complete airflow adjustment capability. Deck shield can be removed completely for ease of build. Building upon the original platform, the SwirlFish™ V2 features a split positive post system paired with deckmilled negative posts. A new squared PEEK insulator greatly increases heat resistivity and durability. Overall height has been shortened to 25mm. The SwirlFish™ is manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel to ensure durability, and features Silver Plated Copper Contacts for maximum conductivity.

Price: $26.99 (with coupon)

Coupon: DNA10