As you may know I receive various flavors of e-liquid that vendors send me to try, and review. Most of the time after I give a review of a flavor, it doesn’t mean I make purchases of that same flavor after. I mean, come on – if I were to purchase every e-liquid I try, I’d be broke. However, there are some flavors that pass through that has a very unique and delicious taste – giving me no choice but to make a purchase for more. Raspberry Banana from is one of those flavors…


This raspberry banana flavor is surprisingly just what it says, a simple 2 flavor e-liquid that is just naturally good and my taste buds happen to be very attracted to it. The banana and slight hint of raspberry sores through your mouth on the inhale, the flavor all together being very faint – which will build up what to expect on the exhale. On the exhale you get the complete opposite, a burst of delicious raspberry and an undertone of banana. This raspberry banana mix didn’t need many flavors to make up its awesome taste – I think the perfect percentage of these two flavors made it tastefully mixed.

Throat Hit

The throat hit is very light, much like I prefer. Smooth to the throat, no scratchiness and just right. If you require a throat hit in your e-liquid, this probably won’t be for you.

Vapor Production

Sitting at 10.5 watts in combination with a Boge cartomizer showing 2.2Ohm and this Raspberry Banana Eliquid with a 60(PG)/40(VG) mix ratio – I’m pushing out decent and consistent vapor clouds. The added bonus of a light smell of raspberries if you were around me.

Conclusion: I think the Raspberry Banana E-Liquid from Crimson Vapor is pretty good. A bit behind on writing this review and with now my third bottle of this flavor, it was time to let everyone know about it. The taste you get on the exhale is great and is the punch line to this e-liquid. I definitely recommend trying Raspberry Banana.

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