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Ready For The Next eVic? – It’s Almost Here!

If you were like me, you thought the eVic was bad ass. Excuse my language but you have to admit, the eVic sent a shock-wave through this industry with its large screen, extensive menu and its astonishing PC application. We wanted a technology packed device and we were given it. Through our feedback Joyetech continually updated the device to meet our wants, but now we’ll have the chance to get something even better… that’s right, the next version of the eVic. I can already sense the excitement coming from you as your read this; no worries I’m pretty excited myself.

Right now all we have to go on is a single picture shared by Joyetech and posted on Facebook by Louie Tachella’s, a fellow vaper and Facebook user.

I’m not really sure what to make of this device. The picture doesn’t give us much detail and we’re left only to hope for something that completely surpasses the technology we’ve seen with the original eVic.

What are your thoughts? – What do you make of the picture?






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