Taking it back a little for many of you, I’ve been wanting to ask if you remember that after sex cigarette?  And, the reason why I want to ask you this question is because I wonder if you still have that type of craving with vaping.  The after sex cigarette was popular, as for me it was the one time where inhaling nicotine made me feel the most relaxed.

If you were a smoker, which I’m guessing everyone reading this was at one point, you have to remember the after sex cigarette.  In fact, the after sex cigarette was so popular that it made its way onto many films: you know, the man shoots up the bad guys, saves the woman, and then they somehow end up in a bedroom where the sheets don’t get messed up during the process, the headboard is squeak-free, and everything in the world is magical — just to get to a point where 30 seconds later the man is sitting up in the bed and smoking a cigarette with just enough light to make him look mysterious.  Yea, that film!

eating on couchIt wasn’t just the after sex cigarette, there was also the after dinner cigarette when your belly was at its fullest, the after waking up cigarette where you could barely see due to the sleep still in your eyes, and don’t forget the after shopping cigarette where you must light up as soon as you step out of the store.  Some believe this is due to the addiction, some believe it’s physiological, and on a more scientific standpoint, others say it’s your body craving the satisfaction that it gets when dopamine is released — which is said to happen when you eat, when you smoke etc.

I’m not here to research this though, I’m simply wondering if you still have that same type of craving now that you vape.  When you finish your intense sex session, do you crave vapor?  What about after eating, while drinking, and is it a dire need to hit that fire button the minute you step out of Wal-Mart?

For myself, I learned a long time ago that I no longer had those cravings.  Once I was able to remove myself from traditional cigarettes, it wasn’t a must to vape after different activities.  In fact, I could go much longer between vaping than smoking.  However, I do still find myself firing up my mod as soon as I leave a store.  It isn’t really that I crave the nicotine, but more-so because that’s what I’m used to doing.

So if you have the time, feel free to leave a comment below letting us know if you still feel the need to fire up that mod immediately after.  Will this information help us or save vaping? No.  However, it is interesting to know and talk about.


  1. I don’t crave vaping after anything anymore. I rarely need to vape after eating… and the times I do vape after eating I think it’s just because I want to vape. I don’t jump on the vape as soon as I leave a store, or after sex either. Honestly, I feel as if I could walk out of my home for several hours and leave my device at home and not worry about stopping and getting something right then and there.

  2. i dont crave a vape after sex. to be fair, i never craved a cigarette after sex when i smoked either. but, after meals i sure as hell craved a cigarette and i damn well crave vape after meals now. its just not as urgent, and its not as much of a craving either. sometimes i forget to vape after meals, or i might take like two pulls and then set it down. drinking is a massive vape trigger though. i chain vape pretty hard while drinking. morning vapes are really nice too. i find that any break from vaping longer than an hour or so produces a craving. so whether im sleeping or exercising or whatever, if its been long enough, i will crave vape. that and drinking. but after sex? nope. never craved nicotine after sex. i never really craved anything after sex lol. maybe a glass of water if anything. almost forgot….the leaving walmart vape…yeah i guess i do. but honestly i always bring my mod into the store with me for the simple fact that leaving it in a hot car is not good for the mod, the tank/liquid, and especially the batteries. and seeing how i always have my mod in the store, its hard not to take a puff here and there and hold it in until theres no exhale. (*edited curse word)