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Smok R200 TC Kit Preview

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Smok is considered one of the biggest names in modern vaping, and they have a wide array of devices and tanks, but one that may have passed under the radar over the last couple of months is the R200 TC Kit.  It delivers 200 watts of power with temperature control capabilities to match at a price point that nobody can afford to ignore.  Fans of the R80 asked for more power and a replaceable power supply in a familiar design, and Smok happily granted their wishes.  Over the course of the next couple of minutes, we’ll break down not only the mod and it’s capabilities, but the entire kit containing the TFV4 Mini “Back Up Tank” as well.

Before We Begin

Any dual 18650 200 watt device is only as powerful as the batteries you choose to put inside.  High drain, high amp 18650’s from a trusted source should be the only things you ever put into a device for the sake of safety and peace of mind.  There are many brands on the market, but we only recommend Sony, LG, and Samsung, as almost everything else you will find is a re-wrap from one of these manufacturers that failed the quality control process.

Smok R200 Box Mod

Following the success of the R80 and the feedback from their customers, Smok grew on a design recognized for usability and comfort, and created a 200 watt, temperature controlled power house.  Measuring in at 85.5mm by 55mm by 23mm the box is remarkably compact and surprisingly lightweight, even when the removable dual 18650’s (sold separately) are installed.  Made from Aluminium Alloy and Zinc Alloy, the R200 was designed to take a beating and still give a high performance vaping experience every single time.


Taking full advantage of the explosive knowledge base of both Smok and Koopor’s extensive product range, the R200 Kit demands attention from the second you turn it on.  In regular power mode the R200 will happily fire between 1 and 200 watts all the way up to 9 volts — as long as the coils being used will fire up to 200 watts without going over the 9V upper limit — and for some vapers, the wattage mode is enough to keep them occupied but they will only be scratching the surface of the R200’s capabilities.


Kicking into the menu system opens up a world of extra options, from TCR modes for various types of coils to adjustable initial firing options as you vape.  Users of any of Smok’s latest products will already know about the ramp time settings, but this one adds it directly to temperature control.  You have the ability to fire coils between 200° and 600°F, and that’s enough to keep any vaper happy for a very long time.

TFV4 Mini Back Up Kit

No Smok product would be complete without the addition of a member of the TFV line-up of tanks, and the R200 is no different.  The TFV4 Mini, created from Stainless Steel and high quality Pyrex in this case, comes with the option of a 3.5ml or 4ml e-liquid capacity by changing both the glass size and coil configuration.  Using the “Shorty” option may slightly reduce the amount of e-liquid in the tank, but opens you up to an entirely new section of the already vast coil selection provided by Smok.

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