Fans of Smok products have yet another treat coming out in the next few weeks in the shape of the X Cube Ultra Edition TC OTA.  220 watts of searing power with temperature control to boot.  Claiming an enhanced vaping experience over the X Cube II, lets take a quick look at exactly how the Ultra is improved and what can make it potentially stand out from the crowd.

Breaking Down The X Cube Ultra

Measuring in at 94mm by 55mm by 25.5mm, 10% smaller than the X Cube II, the XCube Ultra is identical in size to the Smok H-Priv 220 (rapidly becoming one of my go-to mods) and has similar base features with a few added bonuses.  If the last Smok device you used was the X Cube or X Cube II, these mods are on a whole new level.  Made from Zinc Alloy the X Cube Ultra will feel like a rock solid device, even before you install the dual 18650 batteries.  The spring-loaded , flush-mounted Stainless Steel 510 connector will accept any tank or RDA with ease and no connection issues and as long as the atomizer isn’t larger than 25mm in diameter it won’t hang over the sides.

Available in Silver or Black, the sleek, stylish design stays with the original X Cube line with the bar style firing button that takes up almost an entire face of the box, a feature which many fans of the line absolutely love.  Sitting on top of the box are 2 firm adjustment keys and a small, yet extremely bright OLED screen.Smok-X-Cube-Ultra-Edition-220-Watt-Preview-side-by-side-x-cube-II

Lets Talk Ultra Function

Smok’s X3 chip adds smart charge balancing functions for the 2 18650 batteries (sold separately).  This means that unlike most series box mods on the market on-board charging is a viable option, but the package of surprises doesn’t end there.  220 watts of power is the claim on the label and if its anything like the H-Priv that is a number it can hit, when used with the right coils because mod safety on Smok devices is top priority.  If the device thinks you are going to damage it, it will tell you to take a hike.

All of the usual Temperature Control settings can be found in the XCube Ultra’s menu system, not only giving you the choice between Stainless Steel, Titanium or Nickel wire, but also allowing you to tune the TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) as well.  As long as you know  the wire type you are using, you can get an accurate temperature control experience.  With a range of 200° to 600°F (100° to 315°C) finding your sweet spot should be a simple task with coils between 0.06 and 3.0Ω .

The OTA mentioned earlier in the post is in relation to the Over The Air upgrading/updating ability of the X Cube Ultra, no more physically hooking the box to the computer to find out whats new with the system software.  Also built-in to the Blue Tooth function is the ability to set vibration functions to various aspects of the systems capability.  On top of that it offers 5 separate drawing effects — Min, Soft, Normal, Hard and Max –which affect the ramp up times of the coils.Smok-X-Cube-Ultra-Edition-220-Watt-Preview-specifications

All in all, the X Cube Ultra from Smok appears as though it is going to be a rock solid, hard-working, device and it should be hitting the market just before the August 8th deadline.

Images courtesy of  SmokTech.