Though Smok is considered one of the veterans within the industry, it continues to develop some of the most intriguing products the industry has ever seen.  The company, Smok Technology, which is the child company of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co, started off as a large manufacturer of cartomizers and tanks, but later made its way into advanced electronic cigarettes that just did grab the attention of consumers within the vaping market.  However, time progressed and eventually Smok rejuvenated itself as still being one of the industry’s leading electronic cigarette companies when it released the Smok XPro Series, which are advanced variable wattage devices that are feature packed.

On today’s Guide To Vaping Product Watch, we’re going to look at the Smok XPro M80 Plus.  The M80 Plus is Smok’s latest and greatest device yet, offering some of the most advanced features within the vaping market, which will surely become a crowd favorite.

m80 plus battery lifeExpect large battery capacity of 4400mAh from the M80 Plus, which will allow a greatly increased time between charges on the device.  It comes with two 18650 Li-polymer batteries (that can only be internally charged) and a USB charging port.  From the charging port, the device can be charged and includes passthrough capabilities, which allows you to continue vaping while charging the device.  If you’re looking for performance, the M80 Plus provides up to 80 watts of power, a number that should be plenty enough for whatever resistance you choose.  To make this device even more feature packed, the XPro M80 Plus also comes with the industry’s latest temperature control functions, as well as a vaping plan monitor.

As for appearance, the M80 Plus stands only 85mm high and only 55mm wide.  The device with batteries only weighs 174g and is made of Aluminum Alloy and Zinc Alloy, as well as being available in 4 colors: Golden, Gray, Black and Silver.

Additional features include an adjustable spring-loaded 510 center pin, an increased button size, an OLED screen, large air holes for heat dissipation and a puff counter.


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  1. Keep up the good work Mr. Brown. I’ve always heard said ” Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than open on ones mouth and resolve all doubt .” Seems appropriate in this case. Opinions are like…. well, you know the rest. Have a good day.

  2. Blake, this is Chris from Cool Vapors. Was curious on the warranty on the m80. I’ve read a few forums and so far I’ve read that they carry a three month warranty. But I have not found a way to use said warranty. Any ideas? I’m in need of info in order to send one off. Any info would be helpful. Please and thank you!

    • Chris, nice to hear from you! I believe the warranty is ran through the retailer. This means which ever retailer you’ve purchased from, they’ll need to contact Smok or the wholesaler that they’ve purchased from. In my opinion, that warranty stuff is BS. Most times it applies to the retailer that purchased the devices and they typically don’t offer any lengthy warranty on them. Where did you get the M80 from?