If you’re a fan of the NFire by SmokJoy, then you will defiantly be a fan of this new SmokJoy Product.  Today we will be taking a look at and reviewing the NFire Max from SmokJoy.


The NFire Max is a beautiful mod with its wood engraved outer shell, and stainless steel and copper inner tube.  It appears that the outer wood is a sleeve that was slid on over the inner tube to give it that solid look.  There’s a knurled top cap and battery cap that appear to be copper.  When you remove the top cap it exposes ego style threads, for those tanks that have ego cone threading.  There is a brass center pin that is not floating, but there is a spring-loaded brass pin in the battery cap.  For added safety, the bottom cap has 6 vent holes, which is plenty enough in case of an issue.  This is an 18650 variable voltage (VV) / variable wattage (VW) device.

NFire Max Top


NFire Max Tube

The body of the mod is spectacular…  it has a wood outer shell that is very heavily engraved with a detailed image.  I believe they have different pictures engraved into them.   This particular one has a skeleton with arms spread out, but the arms are wings.  The skeleton is standing in front of a clock face.  There is an engraved frame around the main picture that looks like tribal swirls.  The frame around the screen is cut out and has a shape like an arrow-head or a spear head.  Under the screen is a copper firing button.  Down at the bottom of the mod, in the wood, SmokJoy is egraved along with the SmokJoy logo.

NFire Max Design

The mod feels good in the hand.  The texture of the engraved wood gives it a nice and quality feel.  And, over time I believe that the oils in the skin will give the wood a nice aged patina appearance, like on a copper or brass mod.  One thing to note about this device, however, is that it is on the larger side and a bit heavy.

NFire Max Size


The NFire Max has a removable top cap that exposes ego cone threads, but on most tanks that have ego cone threading, such as the evod, you will not need to remove the top cap to use them.  The center pin on the 510 connection is not floating, but everything that I have put on the device has been able to screw down flush and make a good connection.

Since the NFire Max is a variable voltage/wattage device,  it has the ability to go from 3 to 6 volts in 0.1 increments, and the wattage range is 3 to 12 watts in 0.5 increments.  There is an OLED screen that displays the wattage or the voltage that you are vaping at.  Three clicks gets you into the menu where your options scroll across the screen.

Additionally, I would also like to add that this device is an 18650 only mod.

NFire Max Screen


This device performs very nicely.  For those that dont vape at low ohms or enjoy to use clearomizers or other tank atomizers, this is a great device for you.  The NFire Max has a very smooth vape and  having the option of wattage and voltage expands to all of  the different types of regulated vapers.

NFire Max


  1. The NFire Max is a very nice mod, beautiful wood handle and all in all a really nice unit. Only draw back for me is the NFire wouldn’t fire my Aspire Atlantis or Kanger Sub Tank Mini tanks. But works very nice with my Aspire Nautilus and Aspire Mini tanks. So You’ll need a more powerful mod to fire the Atlantis or Kanger tanks like an Aspire CF Sub battery which is what I use for my Atlantis and Kanger. But like I said, the NFire is a very nice and feel good mod I do really enjoy.