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I have been vaping for a long time! Stopped the analogs and never looked back! I keep up to date on anything and everything that has to do with e-cigs!! KCVO

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Vapor Flask V3 Clone Review

The Vapor Flask has been on my mind ever since it hit the market.  For some reason, the old fashion flask look intrigues me, and I was eager to have it in my hands one day, but an authentic Vapor Flask just didn’t fit my budget.  This is why I became more than excited when I learned the Vapor...

Accessory Reviews

Night Owl Clutch V-Bag Review

Today we will be talking about The Clutch V-Bag By Night Owl, a compact yet efficient Vape Purse. Feel free to read our Clutch V-Bag Review.  I am pretty knowledgeable about a lot of things vape related.  But I felt I would be doing and injustice to this particular product if i did the review...



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