After a long summer, you will want to unwind and take a break or ‘detox’ as we call it.

– Juicy Vapor Summer Detox Description

Summer Detox, an E-Liquid made by Juicy Vapor, LLC. couldn’t have said it better in their Summer Detox description. This juice put me into a relaxing state of satisfaction, especially when you pair it with a fresh carto. I think this ‘summer detox’ is just what I needed after a long summer.

Flavor: To be quite honest, to me this summer detox tastes just like a grape fruit. Juicy Vapor could have easily named this juice grape fruit, however I think the name they’ve chosen fits this taste well. I wish I had more to say about the flavor of this e-liquid, but the best way to describe it is comparing it to the fruit it tastes like. With this flavor, it really brings out some curiosity of what you can come up with when mixing this¬†tasty¬†juice with other flavors. Hmm…

Vapor Production: Of course I paired this Summer Detox with a fresh Boge 2.0ohm Cartomizer and a good 81/2 Watts, I was blowing out plumes of vapor. I’m not sure of the exact PG/VG ratio, but it states on the bottle it’s a “Reduced PG”. I’m guessing it’s about a 60/40 PG/VG mix ratio.

Throat Hit: Unless you have a dripping atty (which I’ve found to help with throat hit), then don’t expect too much of a throat hit from this e-liquid. It’s almost obsolete in this Summer Detox. If you’re like me, then you couldn’t care less for that anyways. What I enjoy is a nice smooth, fruitful and relaxing vape.

Overall: I think Summer Detox from is a delicious and relaxing vape. My Wife went a bit nuts when she first tasted it and I have a feeling this 12mg bottle Juicy Vapor sent us won’t last very long. If you’re in the mood to just sit back for a relaxing and smooth vape, then I definitely recommend you getting your “Summer Detox” from Juicy Vapor.