Vape pod systems have burst in popularity within just the last year as they offer an easy, convenient and satisfying vape experience. This also makes them ideal starter kits for beginner vapers because of their ultra-portable size, all-in-one design and easy to refill pods.

When looking into purchasing your first device, especially if you are a newbie vaper, it is important to do your research on what each device has to offer to see if it fits your needs. So here’s a quick comparison of two of the most well-known vape pod systems currently available: The Suorin Air Vape Pod and the Suorin Drop Vape Pod.

Suorin Air Pod

The Suorin Air features one of the most compact pod designs in the industry. It is often compared to a small stack of credit cards and is an accurate comparison. Its rounded rectangular shape and size lends itself to the look of a credit card and can slip so neatly into any pocket.

The Suorin Air has a 400mAh rechargeable internal battery and is equipped with a 1.2 ohm refillable cartridge that holds 2ML of vape juice. It is also outfitted with an on/off switch for added safety when the device is not being used. This device also has a Smart LED Battery Life Indicator located at the bottom of the device, which keeps the user in the know of its current charge rate.

The Suorin Air offers a light, yet satisfying mouth-to-lung vape feel, airy but still similar to a pull from a tobacco cigarette. This device can deliver between 9 to 16 watts of power when in use and its 400mAh battery can be quickly recharged in about 30 minutes via the micro-USB charging port located at the bottom of the device.

Suorin Drop Pod

The Suorin Drop Pod is furnished with an ultra-ergonomic raindrop-like shape, with a triangular cartridge/mouthpiece that snaps into its bulbous battery base. Its smooth and rotund form fits comfortably in a user’s palm.

The Suorin Drop Pod has a 310mAh battery with a 1.3 to 1.4 ohm refillable cartridge and holds 2ML of vape juice. This device also has a Smart LED Battery Life Indicator, but it is located inside the device and will blink when a user replaces the Drop Pod’s cartridge.

The Suorin Drop Pod has a tighter mouth-to-lung vape feel and is very similar to the pull from a tobacco cigarette. The higher resistance of the Drop Pod’s coils delivers a smoother hit and helps regulate the power output so that the battery can last its user for a full day’s worth of vaping. When a recharge is needed, the 310mAh battery of the Drop Pod can quickly be recharged in about 30 minutes through the micro-USB port at the base of the device.