Today I will be reviewing a bottle of Sweet Tarts Candy with a nicotine strength of 18mg from This Sweet Tarts Candy E-Liquid Review was done using a Joyetech eVic and a EVOD Tank. Juicy eJuice describes the E-Liquid as being created with care to bring you that fun flavor of SweetTarts candy. The eLiquid came in a plastic, easy to squeeze bottle, which I personally prefer.

The page to purchase this bottle of e-liquid lacks a flavor description. It’s understood that it tastes like SweetTarts, but what is the PG/VG percentage and what flavors are noticeable in the mix? – These are vital parts to describing e-liquid, so that customers get an accurate idea of what they’re interested in purchasing.

(Note: This e-liquid is made in Canada.)


The flavor of this e-liquid isn’t quite spot on and honestly lacks enough flavor to make an absolute opinion about it. However, I’ve vaped the whole 10ml bottle. There is nothing wrong with the taste that I’m getting, it’s just bland, like there isn’t much of a flavor there. Quality seems fine, just not enough flavor for my taste buds.

Throat Hit

The throat hit this e-liquid gives off was decent, but stronger than I’m normally used to. I think the amount of throat hit noticeable sets a perfect tone for this flavor.

Vapor Production

The vapor production this e-liquid gives off is a good amount, I’d say about average. It’s not lacking in the vapor department; letting me blow out nice size vapor clouds. I’m not sure if this makes up for the disappointment in flavor though.


Overall Juicy eJuice did an okay job mixing this e-liquid, except for the lack in enough flavor. The throat hit is above my typical preference, which isn’t much of a problem. There is however plenty of vapor production you will get from it. If you enjoy fruity liquids and don’t require a lot of flavor, giving Sweet Tarts Candy E-Liquid from Juicy eJuice may interest you.

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