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MODS, They’re everywhere!

MODS, They’re everywhere! It’s like everywhere you go online in this scene, it’s all about the mods.  If there is a discussion about vaping, it’s always about who has what mod and who has the latest.  Are the mods taking over and the ego’s, riva’s and such being...


Battery Breakdown

Battery Digits: The first 2 digits are the dimension measuring across the battery. The last 3 digits reference to the length of the battery. Protected circuits will add between 2mm and 3mm to the length of the battery. mAh: The term “mAh” references to Milliamp Hour. Protected VS. Un...


How To: Selecting Electronic Cigarette Mods

All mods that use dual batteries will give you the same vapor production. All mods that use single battery, either boosted or not give the same vapor. Your vapor is more based off of the atty/carto ohm matched with voltage and amps used. A boosted mod (uses single battery with higher voltage...



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Aspire AVP

Aspire AVP