Battery Digits: The first 2 digits are the dimension measuring across the battery. The last 3 digits reference to the length of the battery. Protected circuits will add between 2mm and 3mm to the length of the battery.

mAh: The term “mAh” references to Milliamp Hour.

Protected VS. Un-Protected Battery: The primary difference between the Protected and Unprotected batteries is that the protected batteries have a small circuit board, typically on the bottom of the battery, that stops the charging or discharge of the battery in certain circumstances. Some of the circumstances in which the circuit include: Over-Charge, Over-Discharge, Short-Circuit, and in some cases, overheating.


  • I = Lithium ion
  • C/M = Cobalt/Manganese
  • R = Rechargeable


Ni-MH stands for Nickel-Metal Hydride. Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries have no Cadmium added. Cadmium is hazardous to the environment. When using Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries, charging should be monitored to avoid overcharging. Nickel-Metal Hydride has no Memory Effect and can be charged or topped-off at any time without affecting battery life.

Memory Effect:

Memory Effect on a battery is the loss off run time per charge over the life of the battery. To avoid Memory Effect and attain maximum performance discharge battery completely each use.

Battery Type & Size: Most commonly used batteries in electronic cigarettes and mods.

  • 10440: 3.7 Volts – 10mm Wide – 46mm Long – 350mAh rating.
  • 14250: 3.7 Volts – 14mm Wide – 27mm Long – 350mAh rating.
  • 14430: 3.7 Volts – 14mm Wide – 45mm Long – 650mAh rating.
  • 14500: 3.7 Volts – 14mm Wide – 52.5mm Long – 900mAh rating.
  • 14650: 3.7 Volts – 14mm Wide – 67mm Long – 1300mAh rating.
  • CR2 / 15266 / 15270: 3.0 Volts – 15mm Wide – 29mm Long – 600mAh, 800mAh, 1000mAh rating.
  • 15270: 3.7 Volts – 15mm Wide – 29mm Long – 600mAh rating.
  • CR123A / 16340: 3.0 Volts – 16mm Wide – 36mm Long – 880mAh rating.
  • 16340 / CR123: 3.7 Volts – 16mm Wide – 36mm Long – 880mAh rating.
  • 18350: 3.7 Volts – 18mm Wide – 37mm Long – 1200mAh rating.
  • 18500: 3.7 Volts – 18mm Wide – 52mm Long – 1600mAh rating.
  • 18650: 3.7 Volts – 18mm Wide – 68mm Long – 1600mAh, 2000mAh, 2400mAh, 3000mAh rating.
  • 26650: 3.7 Volts – 26mm Wide – 65mm Long – 3200mAh, 5000mAh
  • NiMH: 4.8 Volts – 600mAh


  • Trustfire
  • A.W.
  • Ultrafire
  • Tenergy

This battery break down is a work in progress and was built by the numerous bits of information taken from the web. If you see any corrections or additions that need to be made, please feel free to comment below.


  1. I was expecting more from a battery breakdown. For instance the AW 1600 mah 18650 isn’t listed. The 4.8v niMH batteries aren’t listed.

    I guess I was expecting something that covered sizes, chemistry (li-ion, NiMH, LiFEPO4) differences, safety, voltages, stacking, not-stacking, brand differences, etc. Sort of like a beginners guide to mod batteries.

  2. Yes, that will be coming soon. I knew we didn’t have any listing of batteries so I took a quick snip of a quick battery layout from VaporTalk. We’ll be coming out with a better version soon that will be breaking it down more for others to better understand.

  3. Skipping the Panasonic brand completely was a bit of an oversight. Also listing 1200maH for an 18350 is just absurd. Even those marked as such are NOT 1200maH. Don’t expect to find more than @ 700 in any 18350 (AW are only 700). You definitely need to discuss why PCB’s aren’t needed since unprotected batteries use different chemistry and are actually the more usable for mods. Also the new hybrids like Panasonic’s are pushing the maH ratings higher all the time.