All mods that use dual batteries will give you the same vapor production.
All mods that use single battery, either boosted or not give the same vapor.
Your vapor is more based off of the atty/carto ohm matched with voltage and amps used.

A boosted mod (uses single battery with higher voltage output) will produce less over all vapor above the batteries charge. this is due to the booster board drops amps to achieve higher voltage. the loss will not be huge but if you are used to something like a dual battery 5v and try a boosted you will notice boosted at 5v to be less on the TH, warmth, and vapor.

The main things that you should look into, are as follows.

1.) How long do i want to go between charges
2.) Do I what tube or more boxed size
3.) Do I want something pretty to look at or a work horse that can get banged up (I like the work horse because sometimes I tend to drop stuff a lot)
4.) VV or single voltage
5.) Price, quality, and need vs want. (what we want isn’t always what we need, example: I’d like VV, but I don’t need it as all my cartos are 3.2ohm and I like them on 5v just fine.)

Thanks to “Jolly” from VaporTalk Forum for this Guide.