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Bedazzle Glass Tanks

Lying deep beneath all the E-Cigarette Forum clutter, there’s a piece of art spanning over 500 pages worth just waiting to be discovered. The ECF is quite a large forum and many of its members have professional occupations that can be used in the electronic cigarette market. Today I want to...

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Down On Your Luck?

Feeling a bit down on your luck lately? – or maybe you’re just tired of the gazillion to one odds you have playing the lotto. Whatever the case may be, Guide To Vaping is here to help you out. You don’t have to play the lotto or even the local bingo to win something. You can have...


The Lava Tank

Many of you out there haven’t seen the Lava Tank nor have you heard of it. The reason why is because it has no website for it and the only piece of information about the Lava Tank is buried in the back of the E-Cigarette Forum covered by a bunch of pointless replies.  JonboyUSMC from ECF has...



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