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The Lava Tank

West Coast Vape Supply

Many of you out there haven’t seen the Lava Tank nor have you heard of it. The reason why is because it has no website for it and the only piece of information about the Lava Tank is buried in the back of the E-Cigarette Forum covered by a bunch of pointless replies.  JonboyUSMC from ECF has been really building in reputation for the Lava Tank after he released it on his thread at this ECF post.

JonboyUSMC also known as Jon, now has over 2,750 pages on his Lava Tank thread and has recently been featured on VP Live to discuss the styling tanks he produces. While the tanks are becoming a hot item, sadly there is no online store to purchase them at. How do you make your order?

Visit this page for ordering details

From what I’ve gathered on his thread, the Lava Tanks look to be selling at $45 with shipping included.

If the Lava Tank has no online store, where do you go for help or support? Customers of the Lava Tank have created a thread on ECF to help others with the tank.

You can see that thread here

What makes the Lava Tank different from other tanks that you are used to seeing is that the top is a one piece design. It has the top cap and the tip built into one. From what many of the users have said is that leaking is not an issue at all. The Lava Tank comes in a big list of different colors as you can see in the pictures below.



Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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  1. You can find all the information you need about how to acquire one of these works of art at:

  2. Nice review. I’m glad to see the word getting out. These tanks work flawlessly.

  3. Very nice looking tanks. With so many tanks out now, it’s nice to see something a little different. I have to admit I kind of ignored them because there’s no online store presence. I might have to rethink that one.

    • I didn’t even know about them, which is probably because I don’t go on ECF. I learned about these Lava Tanks last night as it was featured content for the VP Live Show. What made we want to make this post and get the word out about them is… they simply look cool. To add to the cool looking colors, the one piece design is nice also.

      The downside? He has no online store.

  4. The fact that Jon has a limited online presence is admittedly an inconvenience for some, especially those who’ve only recently discovered the Lavatank. It does make it difficult to find information regarding availability, pricing, etc. However, you have to keep in mind, he’s not a merchant in the traditional sense. He didn’t start out with an online store and just happen to add these to his products lineup. Jon is a machinist who happened to be a vaper. When others saw the original design he had come up with for tanks, their popularity grew. Eventually, the design and materials changed with the demand Jon encountered, but the fact that these are still hand made one at a time by one person remained the same.
    Due to the fact that Jon’s specialty lies in producing these beautiful tanks, a couple of his ardent supporters took on the task of helping others find the information they needed to obtain a Lavatank. Unfortunately, the limitations on the E-Cigarette forum prevented this from continuing. However, from that, several other avenues of information have come about. the International Vapers Club has an entire forum dedicated to the “Lavacorps” as it’s come to be known. The threads there are more organized and info is located much quicker and easier than on ECF. Recently a Facebook page was created just for members to chat and show off their latest tanks.
    But the best source of information regarding any and everything to do with the tanks is just to ask in one of the public threads. Jon’s fans are a virtual encyclopedia of information regarding all things Lavatank related. It may not be as simple as entering your Credit Card number and clicking “Purchase”. But I have yet to come across one instance of someone in a Lavatank thread asking for assistance and being turned away. A little patience in this case will go a long way.

  5. Thanks for the helpful info Ever1ast!

  6. just bought one. charged it for 8 hours as recommended. filled it. doesn’t work. back to the smoke shop

    • Well, being that you don’t have to charge anything because this is a tank and not a battery or ecig, and left very little info to go on to help you, then yea… I don’t really have an objection.

  7. Just WOW @ Ellie

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