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Guide To Vaping’s 5 Most Favored Ecigs 2013

The electronic cigarette industry is yet to be at its high point, but it has made leaps in its short existence. The great thing about using ecigs ¬†is, at this point, everything is still so fresh and technology is just starting to flourish within the niche. Thankfully, I’ve been put in a...

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LavaTube Version 2 Review

With the first LavaTube review we wrote here at GuideToVaping, we told you how we were amazed at how much you get with a LavaTube Kit for such a small asking price. That being said, the original LavaTube or LavaTube Version 1, was the first mass-produced advanced personal vaporizer at its price...

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LavaTube – VolcanoEcigs

Every once in a while comes along a mod that¬†abruptly sweeps the market of mods and causes hype and high expectations. The LavaTube from did just that. The LavaTube was probably the most talked about and the most purchased mod in the year of 2011 and from GuideToVaping’s...



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Aspire AVP