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“HΩ” Hohm Wrecker Mod Review

One of the latest and most interesting mods to hit the vaping market – the “HΩ” Hohm Wrecker Mod.  Feel free to enjoy this Hohm Wrecker Mod Review in both written and video format.  The Hohm Wrecker has been designed and manufactured in California by Hohm Tech, and sold at Vapor...

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UD Clapton Wire Review

The Clapton coil is essentially the base of all complex coils, so in order to step up your coil building game and to start building very intricate coils, you’ll need to know how to build the Clapton coil.  However, if you’re like me and fumble on that build, then the next best option is...

Product Reviews Vape Mod Reviews

RoughStack V2 – VapeRite

While my Husband (Blake) and I attended the Atlanta Vape Meet, I brought along my pink variable voltage eGo. The VV eGo has always served me well and performed as I needed. Being a female, I of course like to accessorize with my PV’s of choice. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no high...

Product Reviews Vape Mod Reviews

Bombshell MOD from HotVapes

Usually GuideToVaping does only written reviews and with receiving this Bombshell, we thought it would be nice to change things up a bit. Today we release GuideToVaping’s review of the Bombshell MOD from I’m new to the whole video thing guys, take it easy on me. 🙂 Thanks to...



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Aspire Breeze NXT

Aspire Breeze NXT