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Author - Ashley Brown

Happily married to Blake for 11 year's, a dedicated stay at home mom of 2 children, and an avid vaper for more than 3 years!

Basic Information

Which is better, E-Cigs or Nicorette Quickmist?

Anti-smoking groups and the FDA have been trying to portray electronic cigarettes as a public health threat and steer smokers toward FDA approved products. One of the products happens to be Nicorette Quickmist, which is said to be a stop-smoking aid that contains nicotine and used in a mist form...

Vape Juice Reviews

WFV Just Peach E-Liquid Review

World’s Finest Vapors is a United States based e-liquid company, and though they carry a selection of electronic cigarettes, they are of course known highly for their premium e-liquid flavors. The company prides themselves on quality products made in the United States, but it’s a bit...



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Innokin Podin

Innokin Podin