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LavaTube Version 2 Review

With the first LavaTube review we wrote here at GuideToVaping, we told you how we were amazed at how much you get with a LavaTube Kit for such a small asking price. That being said, the original LavaTube or LavaTube Version 1, was the first mass-produced advanced personal vaporizer at its price...

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TubeTank – Volcano Ecigs

In addition to receiving the LavaTube Kit and Blue Water Punch E-Liquid, I also received a TubeTank, which I must say made this package from Volcano Ecigs an awesome setup. I was skeptical about using tanks as I’ve always been a dripper, but receiving this package, I wanted to give it my all...

Vape Juice Reviews

Blue Water Punch – VolcanoEcigs

With my package from came not only a LavaTube Kit, but it also came with a delicious bottle of e-liquid. Volcano Ecigs are mostly known for their quality hardware, but from my experience with Blue Water Punch, I now know they offer the full shebang. Located on the bottle was a...



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Aspire Breeze NXT