In addition to receiving the LavaTube Kit and Blue Water Punch E-Liquid, I also received a TubeTank, which I must say made this package from Volcano Ecigs an awesome setup. I was skeptical about using tanks as I’ve always been a dripper, but receiving this package, I wanted to give it my all on making tanks work for me. I’ve had my trouble with cartomizers in the past and never tried them much further than a couple uses, but it seems many vapers are flocking to tanks and I didn’t want to be left behind. Whatever works, works… but I knew there had to be a reason why everyone was using tanks, so here’s my go at it.

The TubeTank, much like your standard SmokTech type tank except for the TubeTank branding on the side of the clear tube, I haven’t had any problems with it leaking, however I have heard people complain about these flanged cartomizer tanks leaking. Again, the TubeTank’s O’rings seated fine and held the juice fine. The vapor production is just as much as an atomizer at the same ohm. The thing is, the dual coil is part of your vapor production. The tank itself doesn’t matter much other than making it wick better, than if you were using the cartomizer itself. On that note, let’s talk about the pre-drilled holes in these dual coil cartomizers. The holes that come pre-drilled are quite a problem. The holes aren’t a problem if you are only using VolcanoEcigs e-liquid, because it’s a higher mixture of PG, meaning it’s thinner. A problem with the hole is that if you’re using something like a 50/50 mixture, it won’t allow the juice to go through the hole because it’s too thick. You’ll have to punch a bigger hole for it to work properly, which is what I had to do. I think Volcano needs to take into fact that many vapers that use other vendors juice will have this problem.

Moving on, I found that the flavor is muted some-what, however… when I used a different type of dual coil flanged cartomizer, the flavor wasn’t as muted. Even with Volcano’s TubeTank cartomizers, it wasn’t so muted that I didn’t get the flavor. Flavor was still there and it sure as hell beat dripping constantly. I believe I use less e-liquid when using a tank. The reason I say this is when using an atomizer, if not using a drip shield combo with my setup, I’ll have leaking issues, and I’m sure by the end of the day I’ve at least had a bit of a loss from the leaking. The 7ml tank lasts me all day.

Overall: The TubeTank works great other than the small pre-drilled hole. With a quick punch, it works great and to be quite honest, it’s pulled me away from atomizers. If you want to give the TubeTank a try, visit