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The 6 E-Liquid Flavor Categories

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When we were dangling from the short and very sturdy line of big tobacco, and totally hooked by their cigarettes, we were limited to pretty much two flavors; various blends of tobacco and over powering menthol.  Unlike smoking, the e-liquid used with electronic cigarettes comes in a plethora of different flavors.  At the counter in the gas station or tobacco store you may find a few different types to try, but there are literally thousands of companies at this moment in time producing different types of e-liquid.  Chances are, if you can think of a flavor it probably exists, somewhere.

The majority of smokers, when making the initial switch, fall into the trap of trying to find an e-liquid that replicates the flavor of their particular brand of cigarettes.  While there are many companies out there that produce tobacco flavored liquids, you will quickly find that they do not like burnt ash.  The truth is you will be very hard pressed to find the match you’re looking for.  The process of figuring out which types of liquids you will like can be daunting, especially walking into a vape shop for the first time and seeing shelves lined with different offerings from different companies.

We would also like you to bear in mind that what you taste at the beginning of your journey from smoking to vaping will change.  As you first try e-liquid flavors, your taste buds will be damaged (it took a month for mine to get back to functioning properly),  so remember that just because something doesn’t appeal to you right now, it may become your favorite flavor 6 months from now.  You also need to remember that varying percentages of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin (pg/vg) and also the amount of nicotine will affect the flavor.

Even though there are thousands of different juice brands and manufacturers, we can break them all down into the 6 basic categories listed below.  Use this list to narrow down the playing field, and to help you find a flavor that will appeal to you most.  Don’t set your eyes solely on tobacco, the flavors are endless and you’ll grow to adore them.

1. Tobacco Flavored E-Liquid

tobacco flavored e-liquidWhen it comes to tobacco flavored e-liquids,  they are flavors of the leaf without it enduring a burning process.  Imagine the smell of the pack first being opened, when it was fresh – that is what you will be vaping.  Unlike their combustible counterparts, e-liquids can be mixed with each other, so if you want to get a peach tobacco flavor, it is very possible and perfectly fine.  If you’re anything like myself though, getting away from the tobacco flavors was pivotal in quitting cigarettes, which is why these other categories were so important.

2. Dessert Flavored E-Liquid

dessert flavored e-liquidWould you like strawberry cheesecake or apple turnover?  The dessert flavored e-liquids are the reason I personally quit cigarettes.  If you like creamy, sweet after dinner treats, you can not go wrong in this category.  Though this category doesn’t typically appeal to those just switching to electronic cigarettes, it will become a favored category later down the road.  Why the dessert category has become so popular among vapers, is because it offers flavors that we already enjoy tasting, but have to limit ourselves on.  Worry not, you won’t gain any love handles while you enjoy the delicious treats this category will offer.

3. Fruit Flavored E-Liquid

fruit flavored e-liquidThe basic fruits are a favorite for many people.  The trouble is, the majority of what we would class as the fruit flavors are intermingled with everything else.  In this time of the e-liquid market, you’ll be hard pressed to find a straight fruit flavor, as most e-liquid manufacturers like to spice them up a bit with added flavor combinations to produce a unique experience.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, because many vapers tend to enjoy a good complex blend, such as peaches and pears or blue raspberry and menthol.  These fruit flavored e-liquid combinations are endless, so be sure to explore a bit since you have many options.

4. Candy Flavored E-Liquid

candy flavored e-liquidWho doesn’t love candy?  Boiled sweets to bon-bons, cotton candy to circus peanuts, they are all out there.  If you have a sweet tooth and a favorite childhood memory, chances are you will be able to find it.  One thing the electronic cigarette industry has struggled with, is this particular category.  Those against vaping are trying to give the perception that e-liquid manufacturers are making candy flavors in order to market them to kids.  However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  The truth is, we as adults enjoy candy and our tastes do not represent an age.  You’ll find that candy flavors are one of your most favored, as these flavors can truly deliver a shocking experience.  Still to this day I’m in shock that I can vape gummy bears without actually having to eat them.  It’s amazing what these mixologists can come up with, and the good thing is, it’s all for your taking.

5. Food Flavored E-Liquid

food flavored e-liquidYou want a bacon flavor or jalapeno pepper vape?  I will not judge you… but they do exist.  This category has become the black sheep of the flavor categories, since many of the flavors aren’t represented as well as they should be.  And, not to mention that vaping bacon isn’t the highlight of everyone’s day.  With so many other delicious flavors available, manufacturers have turned a blind eye to this category, but there are some out there that take a leap of faith and try to recreate your favorite food flavor.  Many of us are hoping this category will be explored further, because I’m not going to lie, I would love to receive the delicious taste of smoked ribs right about now!

6. Beverage Flavored E-Liquid

beverage flavored e-liquidIf you’re looking for a refreshing mojito or you want to vape on coffee, this is your category.  My all day vape is now Strawberry Milk, from 6 different companies.  Each one tastes slightly different as each e-liquid manufacturer has a slightly different take on each flavor, but they all work for my taste buds.  With there already being so many e-liquid flavor categories, we have to top it off with the beverage flavors.  This flavor category has seen a lot of success among vapers since it represents so many occasions.  For you early birds, there are many coffee flavors available, and you’ll be astonished at how easily these e-liquid manufacturers can beat out Starbucks.  The truth is, everyone has their favorite drinks, and that is one of the reasons why we continue to drink coffee, sip margaritas and slurp the leftover milk, merely for the flavor.  You can get all that and more in the form of vapor with this category.

Final Thoughts

As I stated from the beginning, just because a flavor doesn’t appeal to you right now, doesn’t necessarily mean you will hate it forever.  Give everything a try at least once.  You may wish to start out with tobacco flavors, but as your taste buds change you will want to move to other things. Don’t be afraid of flavor!

As always, enjoy your vaporizer and vape safe!

Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall

Avid Vaper, advocate and cloud chaser. Writer for 3 vaping websites and broadcaster/presenter as Vapin Demon on Coast 2 Coast Vapers. Originally from Manchester, England, I got bored one day and moved to the USA. Vaping saved my life and my aim is to save as many others as I can.

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