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The Best of 2012 – Predictions

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Though it may be hard to believe with the overwhelming amounts of participation from the community and vendors, “GuideToVaping’s Best of” was first introduced just a year ago in 2011. With the first form built to accept your votes in what has become literally the largest poll in vaping, Guide To Vaping has not only introduced a fun, entertaining and competitive survey on the best of vaping, but we’ve also shown that when you work hard and deliver the best results for the vaper, you’ll be recognized… by the vaper.

Here are our predictions for each category in The Best of 2012…

Best New E-Liquid Vendor: With just 16 days left, it’s tough to predict who will pull in the win, even though Mountain Oak Vapors is up more than 20 votes above Heather’s Heavenly Vapes. Anyhow, which ever vendor gets the win in this category, it’ll be a huge statement for their company… not to mention a year’s worth of bragging rights wouldn’t hurt, right?

Best E-Liquid Vendor: Although many of the vendors on this list will receive an honorable mention, it’s pretty obvious that Vape Dudes jumped in with a bang and will grab the win for this category. It’s apparent that Vape Dudes has quite the following… maybe it’ll inspire others to give ’em a try. Just a year ago Vermillion was the top voted in this category.

Most Creative E-Liquid Name: As far as creative names go, Radiator Pluid dominated in this category, though I’m wondering if vapers were voting on taste or the name? – More than 100 votes behind is Smurph Piss, an honorable mention just for being a funny and… at the same time a disgusting name when in thought.

Most Creative E-Liquid Flavor: Again, Radiator Pluid will take the win in this category as well. I believe these votes are more true to the category. Whatever the case is, Radiator Pluid has definitley made quite the impact on our community.

Top E-Liquid of 2012: Last year in the Best of 2011, Vermillion River took the win in this category, but this year fall far behind with its Kentucky Premium Blend. Don’t let this poll fool you, there are many that still swear by their deliciously mixed tobacco blends. This year Ave Juice will take the win in this category for its famous and well praised Bobas Bounty. This is no surprise to many.

Best Pricing on E-Liquid: With almost 100 more votes than the popular Mad Vapes, EC Blend will snag the win for the best pricing on e-liquid. If you haven’t tried their e-liquid, ya might want to, to save some bucks.

Best One Stop Shop: Last year Mad Vapes took the win for best one stop shop and guess what? – They’ll get it again this year. Mad Vapes is a power house in this category… I mean, have you seen their site? – They have everything vaping. An honorable mention and not far behind is Discount Vapers – a quick growing favorite among the community.

Most Seen Vendor: Clouds of Vapor will pull the win in this category for the second year in a row. With almost 70 more votes than the now world wide known blu Cigs, Clouds of Vapor is seen more in this community. Who would have knew? – They don’t even have a commercial either!

Best Prices – Accessories: In this category its a close one, but again Mad Vapes is ahead in votes. Not to much surprise, they won last year as well. However, not far behind is Discount Vapers slowly but surely creeping up.

Best Prices – Batteries: Last year Mad Vapes won this category, but RTD Vapor was right on their tail. This year the tables have turned. RTD Vapor is leading in votes, but not by much. With only 9 votes ahead of Mad Vapes, this will be a close battle to the finish.

Best Customer Service: It looks like Vape Dudes will pull off yet another win. To win in this category it says a lot about this vape shop. By this, it really looks like Vape Dudes is gaining quite the respect from the community.

Best Tank System (Rebuildables Included): As we all know, rebuildables have swept this community from its feet, but from the looks of this category, it just couldn’t top the Vivi Nova craze. With just about 300 more votes than the popular Genesis, the Vivi Nova will take the win for best tank system. Last year the MAP Tank won in this category.

Best Cartomizer: With almost 250 votes more than SmokTech, Boge will take the win for best cartomizer. Just a year ago in our Best of 2011, SmokTech took the win for its popular dual coil cartomizers. We all know that SmokTech’s are nice, but they just can’t beat an old fashioned and fresh Boge carto.

Best Atomizer: Umm… Can we say domination? – Ever since the HH.357 was first released, it instantly became a huge hit by the community and it’s showing in votes. Not much to say for this one, the HH.357 has this category in the bag.

Best New Mod: Now I know this category will have many saying ‘BS’, but the votes don’t lie. So far, out of 971 voters, 324 of them voted for the eGo-C Twist, while only 265 voted for the Provari Mini. From what I told and what we all see in the community, the Provari is a pretty awesome device, but where it falls behind in this category is it isn’t for ‘everyone’. The cool thing about a Twist is a first time vaper and all the way up to a vaping elder can enjoy the Twist. To you Provari  die-hard fans, lets just agree to disagree, k?

2012’s Must Have Accessory: I’m honestly shocked with these results. The Kick from Evolv is more than 200 votes behind and I’m sure many of you are surprised. These results go to show you, you just never know what will happen in GuideToVaping’s Best of. The Vivi Nova will for sure take the win for 2012’s must have accessory. Last year the Empire Drip Shield won this category.

Most Helpful Network: Coming to no surprise, Vapers Place will take this category for the win and they definitley deserve it. Huge props to them for everything they do for our community.

Vape Network With The Best Content: Again, to no surprise Vapers Place’s own “VP Live” will take the win for this category. The time and dedication and non stop great shows they produce, it’s awesome to see the community recognizing them for it.

Vape Show With The Best Content: And speaking of VP Live, the Vape Team will take this category with ease. This is the second year the Vape Team will win vape show with the best content.

Most Entertaining Host/Show: Dimitris from the Vape Team has been voted the most entertaining host. Though Dimitris is quite the entertainer, I’m sure he’ll tell you he couldn’t do it without the rest of the Vape Team crew. Not too far behind at 126 votes is another crowd favorite on the VP Live Network, Russell Wishtart with his show Click, Bang!

Host With The Best Music: I know this might look setup, but again… the votes don’t lie. Coming in from the VP Live Network, Russell Wishtart will be the host with the best music of 2012. This is Russ’s second year winning this category.

Most Giving Host: Dimitris AKA VapingGreek will our 2012’s most giving host. For those of you who have seen the Vape Wheel, remember this man has to come out of pocket to ship it all to you. I’m glad Dimitris was recognized for this. An honorable mention, Vaping MandyCat… another crowd favorite with us vapers.

Most Helpful Forum: With no surpise, the largest electronic cigarette forum on the internet, ECF. ECF towering above the other forums by more than 400 votes. This is ECF’s second year winning this category.

Best New Blog: Pbusardo’s blog “Taste Your Juice” will win this category. He’s certainly has built a name for his reviews and I’m sure his blog reflects that as well. An honorable mention, Vapor Joes has filled our community with tons of money saving deals with his blog.

Best Blog of 2012: As of right now it’s a race to the finish between Ecig Advanced, who is leading in votes by 10, and what’s become one of the crowds favorites, Steve K’s Vaping World. This will be an amazing title to carry for whoever wins. From one blogger to another, good luck!

Best Vape Meet: Although I’m sure many of the vape meets listed were a blast, it’s obvious VaporCon will take this category. The VaporCon meet is towering above the others by more than 200 votes.

Favorite Reviewer: Last year Grimm Green won this category, but this year Pbusardo came in and dominated the video reviews. Pbusardo is known for his in depth and sometimes hilarious reviews on YouTube. Pbusardo is mountains above the rest by more than 340 votes.

Vaping’s Biggest Supporter: Just like last year, CASAA takes this category easily. Their time, dedication and help given to the vaping community is very much appreciated and respected. For those of you who haven’t heard of CASAA, this is the organization that continuously fights for us vapers.

Muckraker: (For those of you who don’t know what this means: one who spreads real or alleged scandal about another) – Russell Wishtart will once again win this category. He gives us the dirt and oh, trust me… it’s very entertaining! – I’m honestly not sure how Steve K made it into this category though.

I’m very excited, pleased and thankful for the turnout in GuideToVaping’s second year for “The Best of”. But remember vapers, the race isn’t over! – Share the Live Poll’s on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit… and hell, tell your mom, your sister, grandma, brother and the rest of the world!

Again, Thank you all!

– Blake



Blake Brown
Blake Brown

Blake is the owner and creator of the Guide To Vaping blog. He has expressed his passion for the vaping industry through his deeply rooted and highly informative content. Being a writer and content provider for the vaping industry for year's, Blake has also gained experience from working with multiple blogs and well respected companies.

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