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The Complete Guide To The SMOK Mag Grip Mod

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Our latest entry into the Vaping Guides category is the complete guide to the SMOK Mag Grip Mod, a powerful 100W box mod that’s a branch from the original Mag 220W. Due to the popularity of its predecessor, it was a must that we include as much information about this device as possible since we felt that it’s equally as impressive. If you need help with your SMOK Mag Grip Mod and want to learn the ins-and-outs, this article will serve as an online SMOK Mag Grip user manual.

Update: Hyde has recently released the Hyde Mag Recharge Disposable Vape into their collection of disposable vapes. It provides the same “mag” design in a convenient, portable, and easy-to-use device that delivers upwards of 4500 puffs.

SMOK & The New Mag Grip Mod

Founded as Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co. in 2010, the manufacturer quickly rose to success with its SMOK brand, leaping hurdles, surpassing milestones, and gaining the likes of millions of consumers worldwide. SMOK has been one of the most successful brands in vaping by specializing in electronic cigarette research and development, products, and sales. With 8 years deep, SMOK has a long history in developing many of the industry’s groundbreaking products, from one of the first dual coil cartomizers to the TFV12 Tank, SMOK as certainly progressed. Its latest product to add to its long history is the SMOK Mag Grip Mod, a box mod that’s just as comfortable as it looks and performs extraordinarily well.

About The SMOK Mag Grip Mod

SMOK Mag Grip ModConstructed of a superior zinc alloy material to deliver fascinating durability while maintaining a lightweight feel that’s comfortable for all-day use, the SMOK Mag Grip Mod’s quality is stunning, to say the least. Its appearance is just as impressive, delivering a look a look and shape that resembles the handle of a gun. Nestled in the handle-like device is a sliding battery bay that is revealed once the coil-shaped button lock is pressed, giving it its reference to the magazine of a gun. While its outer shell is highly appealing, the oversized firing switch with a trigger-like design is what brings the whole look to fruition. It’s not only a comfortable firing switch, but it really plays into the whole theme.

The sliding battery bay houses a single 20700 or 21700 battery, and can also house a single 18650 battery with an included adapter. With its power capabilities and the use of an advanced SMOK chipset, you’ll be able to reach up to a 100W output with support of resistances as low as 0.06-ohm. The industry’s greatest tech, which is temperature control, is also equipped and provides support for Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel heating elements with the addition of TCR adjustments. Providing a list of options, there’s also a built-in preheat functionality that allows you to cycle through soft, normal, hard, and max outputs. A micro-USB port is integrated into the SMOK Mag Grip Mod’s body and allows for both charging and future firmware upgrades. To provide superior control over functions and settings, an intuitive 0.66″ OLED display has been placed on the top of the device, providing unique placement and a more comfortable way to monitor and control the Mag Grip Mod. Lastly, take into account that the Mag Grip Mod includes a full protection suite and you’ll feel at ease knowing that you, the device, and the performance it generates will be protected at all times.

What’s Included With The Mag Grip Mod

You can buy the SMOK Mag Grip Mod as a standalone unit or as a SMOK Mag Grip Kit, which will include a sub-ohm tank. You have the choice of either, although most stores locally and online will only sell the kit and not just the mod itself. If you find somewhere that will sell just the mod itself, great, you’re saving yourself a few dollars. However, if you want a new tank anyway and don’t mind paying a few bucks extra, then the full kit is what you’ll want.

The Mag Grip Mod Includes: You’ll receive the SMOK Mag Grip Mod, a USB Cable, and an instructional manual.

The Mag Grip Kit Includes: You’ll receive the SMOK Mag Grip 100W Mod, the TFV8 Baby V2 Tank, a 0.15-ohm Baby  V2 S1 Mesh Coil, a 0.15-ohm Baby V2 S2 Quad Coil, a 18650 battery adapter, USB cable, spare glass tube, spare parts, and an instructional manual.

Where To Buy The Mag Grip Mod

The SMOK Mag Grip Mod is popular, just like all of the other products that wear the SMOK brand name. With that said, the Mag Grip Mod or the Mag Grip Kit will be available for purchase anywhere and everywhere, both online and locally. If you want to save yourself some money and avoid inflated prices, shopping online will be your best option. Although there are several online vapor shops that are incredible when it comes to customer service and pricing, we recommend you shop at Vapor Authority is an awesome online vapor shop to do business with and has earned the respect of many vaping consumers worldwide. They’ve not only won awards for their customer service, but they’ve proven themselves to be legitimate, professional, and there to earn your business. There are many perks to shopping with this vendor, such as the free shipping on orders over $50, the competitive pricing, same day shipping, 60-day warranty, and of course their authenticity guarantee.

SMOK Mag Grip Operation

We’ve shared information about SMOK, SMOK Mag Grip Mod, SMOK Mag Grip Kit, and where you can buy them. Now we’re at the part where we share the operational guide so that you can become more familiar with your device. Use this guide as an operating user manual for the SMOK Mag Grip Mod and be sure to share and recommend it on your social accounts to help your friends and family.

SMOK Mag Grip Battery Bay

Basic Mag Grip Operation

How To Verify The Authenticity: To verify the authenticity of the product, you need to download and install the VapingTour App. Once you download and install the app, refer to the new anti-counterfeiting system page and then follow the follow the steps provided to verify the product.

How To Properly Install Batteries: Press the coin-shaped button. When you do this the battery bay magazine will drop from the bottom of the device. Place the battery into the device according to the correct direction, then slide the magazine back into the device until it clicks.

How To Turn The Mag Grip Mod ON: While the device is off, click the fire button 5 times within 2 seconds apart to turn the device on.

How To Turn The Mag Grip Mod OFF: While the device is locked, press and hold the firing button for 5 seconds, then choose OFF. You can also turn the device off by accessing the menu and selecting the option there.

How To Activate and Vape: To activate and vape using the Mag Grip Mod, press the fire button and hold it down until you meet satisfaction. When finished with a draw, stop pressing the fire button. Though you shouldn’t ever come close to a 10-second draw, there is a safety feature built into the device that will no longer allow the device to work after 10 seconds of firing.

How To Adjust The Wattage: While in the variable wattage mode, press the up and down adjustment buttons to increase or decrease the wattage.

How To Adjust The Temperature: While in temperature control mode, press the up and down adjustment buttons to increase or decrease the temperature.

Main Mag Grip Operation

How To Lock/Unlock The Mag Grip Mod: To lock the device, press the up and down button simultaneously. Repeat the process to unlock the device.

How To Choose Ramp Up Option: To change from Norm/Soft/Hard ramp up options, press the firing button and the up button simultaneously in wattage mode or temperature mode.

How To Switch Between Modes: To switch between modes, press the firing button and the down button simultaneously and then choose your desired mode, VW or TC.

How To Enter The Menu: To enter into the menu, press the firing button 3 times. To navigate the menu, press the up and down adjustment buttons.

How To Adjust Wattage In Temp Mode: While in temp mode, press the firing button and up adjustment button simultaneously to adjust wattage while in temperature control mode.

Mag Grip Mod FAQS

Why Does My Mag Grip Mod Say “CHECK ATOMIZER”?: Often times you’ll see CHECK ATOMIZER come up on your screen. This is commonly a connection issue. Either your tank is not screwed in enough to make a solid connection, there is no tank/atomizer attached at all, or the coil head isn’t making a solid enough connection to the base of the tank.

How Do I Upgrade My Mag Grip Mod?: When SMOK comes out with an upgrade for the SMOK Mag Grip Mod, you’ll be able to visit their faqs page to download the files for installation. There will be instructions included for the upgrade process as well.

What Are The Best Batteries To Use With The Mag Grip Mod?: While there are many batteries available on the market that perform great, we recommend sticking with a high-drain battery from only a select few brands. Samsung, Sony, and LG are all battery brands that you can trust. In fact, many of the batteries they manufacturer are used in the everyday products we use, such as laptops and other electronics.

Why Did My Mag Grip Mod Turn Off?: There could be a few reasons why your mod has turned off. Firstly, there is an automatic “sleep” feature that’s activated after so many seconds of the device being inactive (you can set the time in the “STEALTH” settings under “screen saver”. To wake the device, press the fire button. Another reason could be that your battery has depleted low enough where the device turns off. The only other reasonable explanation for your device turning itself off is that it isn’t actually off, but may have baccidentallyntly placed in stealth mode.  In this mode, the device is on, but the screen is turned off. To turn the stealth mode off, press the fire button 3 times to enter the menu. Then navigate to “STEALTH” and make sure this setting is off.

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  3. Very poorly set the battery after each exchange in the menu. I use only 18650. Very annoying.

  4. I find out I paid almost twice as much anywhere its sold elsewhere and I’m still careful yet coils barely last a day or two before they start tasting burnt I wish I would bought a different mod

  5. my mag grip button to make wattage higher is stuck. how do I fix this??

  6. To turn the stealth mode off, press the fire button 3 times to enter the menu. Then navigate to “STEALTH” and make sure this setting is off.

    Now that i would put in stone. When im searching all over internet HOW to do that, i was just simply had to “make sure”. Thanks for useless info.

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