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I began my vaping journey sometime in 2008 and while it did not last, it paved the way for the rest of my life, I began vaping again in 2010 and have not had a cigarette since. I am an IT Professional by trade, a family man and someone whom values friendships and honest opinions greatly. Vaping is a passion, a hobby and a way of life for me and something I take pleasure in sharing and enjoying with others.

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  1. Recently saw a comment from Evolv somewhere… that said when waking from sleep mode, changing batteries, turning on/off, etc… basically anytime the device says “check battery”– it doesn’t indicate an issue with, or low battery warning (as most, including myself) would think… but that it’s merely a self-check procedure of the board/device itself. On a sep. note- I’ve seen some having issue where the resistance reads oddly 9.99 constantly, etc.. it was also said in that post to let the device/battery run down completely on its own- to the point of complete shut-down.. When a newly charged/fresh battery is installed & the device powers back up, it’s one of the only times it internally resets… & the issue should be resolved. Hope that helps anyone reading- who may be having either issue.. =) Happy vaping!

  2. I have recently had a problem with my opus d DNA 20 mod.the ohm checker seems to be at a reading of 0.0 ohms all the way.what could be the problem??before it got this reading it kept going to variable ohms reading .is there a solution to this or any way to reset it to resume as normal so I can be able to check my ohms again??

  3. Where can I buy a legit Evolv DNA30 chip at. I tell ya, I’m having a hard time locating one. I’m a rookie, but I’m lookin to give It a go and see what I can create.I’ll pull out the plasma and mig, hell who knows what I’ll create But first I need the chip.

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