In this video e-cigarette users are being portrayed as attention seekers, hence the title. I find it quite funny that someone with this type of talent actually took the time to bash those who use the devices, What I find even more funny is that the same person who is calling e-cigarette users attention seekers had to make a video and pay to promote it on YouTube – contradicting, yes?

However, I feel that there is more to this… maybe Jordan Morris is still a disgruntled smoker who thinks that everyone should still be a traditional smoker or maybe Big Pharma’s now scouting the cheapest cost version of an actor. Oh look, they found a value meal, a (never heard of before this video) actor and writer.

Yes, I understand by publishing this I’m giving him more attention (which is what he wants), but I did find the flashing LED on the e-cig to be pretty funny. Still not worthy enough, but it’ll at least spark some convo.

Here’s the video…

And your thoughts?