The MAP Tank from, also known as a juice tank revolutionized the vaping world as we know it.  A man we all know from the vaping community, one known as MAP (MostAngryPirate) is the first to come up with the tank idea, which allows you to hold up to 5mL’s of e-liquid right on your 510 device, all in one Polycarbonate tube.  The MAP Tank with it’s 510 native connection is built of a Polycarbonate tube, high quality Delrin end caps, Silica wick, heating coil and ceramic cup of the XL CE2 @ 2.4 ohm resistance.  With USA and Canada, the MAP Tank is also FDA, USDA, NSF, A-G & B-A Compliant.

You may be wondering how to use the MAP Tank, well… it’s very easy.  Here are the instructions from MAP himself: “Just pop off the top Delrin Cap, adjust the center metal tube till it is flush with the top of the cap, fill with your favorite juice and Vape! And since the tube is clear, you can monitor how much juice is in the MAP Tank and top it off as needed.” – An idea so simple, yet very effective.

If you’re tired of constantly dripping and tired of running through your cartomizers, then a MAP Tank would be a great investment.  Another useful thing to using the MAP Tank is so that you can monitor how much e-liquid you’re vaping.  Pour in up to 5mL’s of e-liquid and monitor how much e-liquid you vape in one day. Pretty cool, huh? 🙂

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