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The Nivel Chip- A modders chip with the kitchen sink!

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The Nivel Chip was brought to light by Russ from ClickBang. He’s the only one that I know from the US that has gotten his hands on them. Is this just another story on an unattainable product? With this list of features on this next generation board- let’s hope not!

Boosting one 3.7v battery with next-gen features of the Nivel:
– Variable voltage. Boosts from 3.0 to 6.0 volts with 0.1v step;
– Variable wattage. Masures your Ohms and gives the voltage needed. Regulated from 5 to 14 Watts;
– Boot loader, gives a possibility to update firmware online, so not needed to buy “next version” mods.
– 3.5 Amps limit;
– Ohm-meter;
– Second menu for “few clicks” fast up and down switching;
– Short circuit protection;
– On/off switch;
– Battery monitoring;
– Thermal monitoring;
– 16 seconds cutoff;
– Reverse battery protection(with indication);
– Inhales per hour suppressor (if you’d like to use it);
– Work-time counter (allows you to find the best battery);
– Can be used with any charger/pass-through slot;
– 7 gradations of brightness for display and button;

Accessing the menu allows you to set either variable regulated voltage vaping (from 3v – 6v) or variable regulated wattage vaping (from 3W – 15W).

Just like with the DNA board, max Watts with the Nivel chip depends on the resistance of the carto/atty – the lower the resistance the higher the max; the higher the resistance the lower the max.

Cost: The retail price of the Nivel chip is $67 plus shipping (from Russia).

The Nivel Chip- VV, VW and more

MAMU shows off the Nivel Chip’s features

Russ @ Clickbang interviews Alex Innaov on the Nivel chip. (audio)

I’m sure the next question will be “Where can I get one/some?”  Word on the street is that they are made by a small shop in Russia, that is already backed up. So- nothing now, but keep your ears open.

Here are a couple of threads to follow if you don’t want to wait for GTV’s next article on the Nivel Chip.

ECF Thread on the Nivel Chip. (Thread 2)

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  1. It has the bells and whistles but it looks like it’s just too involved.

  2. And the price is way too high as well. You can get set up to program your own chips to do the same thing for the price of one.

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