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The Technology Behind Building a Quality Vaper

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Vaporizers are devices you use to smoke vape juices as an alternative to traditional smoking. If you are making the transition away from cigarettes, or just new to vaping as a whole, you will ultimately want to get your own vaporizer. But before you run into a shop and grab any product off the counter, there are certain parts of the vape that you will want to know in regards to how it is built and how that affects your smoke. 

Heating Chamber

The heating chamber in any vapor will hint at the type of quality build you have. Not all vapes are built the same and you should understand that when picking one out. The chamber will be the part that heats your vapors. A quality device is made for quicker heating, which is a direct reflection of the performance of the device. The longer it takes to heat, the more of the flower or flavor you may ultimately be sacrificing. Additionally, a higher quality vape will be built with higher quality material, essentially. This ensures that your consumption is safe with the use of well built and durable materials. This will prevent flavors from escaping and the device itself is damaged. The better your vapor is, the longer it will last.

Vapor Path

The vapor path incorporates several factors. You want to have enough room in the path to allow for larger pulls and more flavor to pass through, similar to the need for having a quality sized chamber. This will allow you to enjoy more from every draw. The quality of the material should also be a determining factor as you do not want anything outside of the flower or flavor to be consumed, such as coating or glue. Additionally, a quality vape will have a well-built filter to keep your pulls pure and prevent you from inhaling or ingesting any other ingredients.

Temperature Control

One way to measure a quality vaporizer against a simple or low-end vape is the amount of temperature control you are given. High-end vapes will have several temperature settings and this is for a few reasons. Different temperatures allow you to extract different flavors that may burn at higher or different temperatures without burning others. This allows flavors to be extracted from compounds and allows you a more enjoyable experience. This can also change the intensity of every session, depending on the temperature. For cheaper or lower quality designs, they might only have a single temperature, limiting your experience.


One thing to measure is the design of the vape. Is it ergonomically designed? Will it fit in your hand comfortably or does it feel too large or bulky, or too small? Of course, you can always outfit your vaporizers with different mods and eliquid. But all those choices are your own personal preference. In addition to the functional design of comfort and usage, you might also consider the aesthetic look of the vape, essentially asking if it is an appealing device that is nice to look at. 

Battery Life

Using battery life to measure the quality of a vape is pretty straight forward. If your vaporizer lasts long, it is better quality than something that would otherwise last you a handful of times. Vaporizers will vary in terms of the charge they will hold between having to be recharged. For portable vapes, ten charges seem to be a solid number. Also remember that when it comes to your vaporizers, quality is not limited just to the vape, but also the plugs and wires, so ensure that those are of decent quality and if you find charging times to be longer than usual, one of those pieces might need to be inspected and changed.


A quality vape takes into consideration several factors. One of those factors is dropping durability and build quality. Vapes tend to be devices that you utilize on the go often, and will frequently change positions, moving from pocket to pocket or being taken out and stored away for consistent use. As you move your vape, you will undoubtedly fumble or fidget with it, of course unintentionally, but it may drop nevertheless. In these situations, you want to ensure that your device holds up to any sort of drops or falls and can be used through such mishaps.

Vaporizers, like lighters, come in all types of designs and builds. This is not just an aesthetic design but has performance differences and can alter and change your experience. It is up to you how you want to enjoy your vape but you should at least do the research to give yourself those options.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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