If you keep current with the happenings from the online vaping community, you may have heard the hype surrounding a new forum, Vaping Underground, which is apart of the Vapor Joes Network.

There were discussions about it, vaping media networks were pumping it, and even videos were made to promote it. Why so much for a vaping forum, something that’s already been achieved and rather successful – what made this new idea of a forum so special?

It’s been a long time coming… It will be my mission over the next year to make this forum, Vaping Underground, a force in the vaping community through fair and realistic rules. A forum where it’s free for a vendor to post and have their own sub forums. A forum where members do not fear getting banned for minutiae and real debates can be heard.

In just 5 days of the Vaping Underground being live and available to the online vaping community, there have been more than 1,800 topics created, over 12,000 posts made and more than 4,000 members joined. Though that is only a mere grain compared to that of forums who have been around since the birthing of this industry, it proves stellar numbers for such a short amount of time.

Unfortunately, numbers aren’t everything in this matter. Though the Vaping Underground is in-fact receiving a lot of attention and the members to back it, it wants to be known for a place of open discussion and open membership.

Through my experience so far at Vaping Underground, I’ve been nothing short of pleased. As a blogger and reviewer, I find myself hesitant to join forums, and if I do, I post very little. Immediately after joining the “underground,” I was given my own “Guide To Vaping Blog” Sub-Forum as a place I can call home on the forum. The front page or home of the forum is quite unique compared to any other forum I’ve visited; it’s organized brilliantly, where new vapers can easily find questions and create discussions, where advanced vapers have their own ‘builders corner’ and even sub-forums designated for vendors specifically – without a fee to be listed.

Will this forum live up to its hype?  That’s for you to decide: www.VapingUnderground.com

Visit Guide To Vaping’s Sub-Forum on Vaping Underground here: Guide To Vaping Blog | Vaping Underground