Just like when any other big tobacco company makes its debut with an electronic cigarette, it created a stir around the world with perceptions as the next big thing. But will the Vuse be the next big thing? – Doubtful.

Though it seems to be better built referring to its metal design, it’s also quite long and as you would expect, pretty heavy too (in comparison to other e-cigarettes). The look is nice, it’s sleek and doesn’t exactly mimic a traditional cigarette. And to continue speaking on a good note about the Vuse, the light at the end that glows is also a great feature. The light differs from other typical electronic cigarettes – it lights up white on normal battery strength and when your battery is nearing its end, it lights red indicating that the battery is low. Pretty cool feature for this small e-cig I would say.

Even though the Vuse does introduce a new feature to these stick style e-cigs (which I think is awesome), reality sets in before you even get to it. On the packaging, you see many words like “tobacco product”. We all hate it that electronic cigarettes are being used in this category, but it also gives us some idea or insight to what the FDA may have in store for e-cigarette packaging.

If you have time, check out Dimitris’s (from VP Live’s VapeTeam) take on the Vuse:

Thanks to Dimitris for sharing this video.


    • Mine did the same thing and I bent the center contact out a bit on the plugin side of the cartridge. There are three small metal contacts take a nail or something small and bend it out a bit away from the center and it should work again

  1. bought one of these tonight. It just keeps flashing red/white. You shouldn’t have to adjust anything to make these work and I’m not comfortable bending anything on them. It could void your “return purchase” agreement if you start messing with it. I will be taking mine back tomorrow for an exchange. Pretty disappointed at this point, but will give it another try.

    • When it’s plugged in and glows steady white, It is fully charged. It flashes red when charging. If you try to puff and it flashes white for a second, your cartridge is low. When empty it will flash continuously as you are puffing. When the battery is dead, it will flash red continuously. Really ain’t that hard to figure out. It works just as the instructions said.

  2. Whatever you do, don’t try to twist it on. There are 4 detents around the cartridge and it should self-center as you push it in. The trick is to let it center itself as you push them together. Also be careful to pull straight out as you disconnect the cartridge. There are electrical contacts that can be bent if you incorrectly connect or disconnect them. I messed up my 2nd cartridge trying to twist and push at the same time and the instructions say nothing about this. Great product if you’re not a chain-vaper and I love the menthol flavor. Very different from real smoking but pleasurable. VUSE also has the highest nicotene level at 4.8% compared to 1.6 for Blu. I do with the cartridges lasted longer. I get about 100 puffs out of 1.

  3. Ok. I am using the vuse vibe. Been through this a few times in the past 2 years. Get if off the charger, put a new or old cartridge on, and it flashes red and white. Really cant remember how i fixed it last time, but i did and continued using that one for about 6 monthes. Then i got a new one, and 2 weeks in and it stops working properly. Anyone got some ideas to combat my problem? I dont want to buy a new one every two weeks, but thats probaly thier way of making sure you will spend that money and continue thier business

    • My solo is now constantly white. Even when it isn’t plugged into anything. I tried a new cartridge but nothing. Isn’t that weird? I even tried a different charger I had laying around. Just wondering if I should buy a new unit…I have a bunch of unused cartridges that I don’t want to waste…ugh…has anyone experienced this?