The Vape Store is giving away a Pioneer4You iPV D2 here at Guide To Vaping.  If you’re interested in participating in the giveaway, simply share this giveaway post on your favorite social networks and comment on this post.

Congrats to David (smitt*** for winning the iPV D2 from The Vape Store!

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Giving Away: 1x Pioneer4You iPV D2 Box Mod

Duration: Giveaway Starts 9/8/2015 and ends 9/15/2015 ***ENDED***

Rules: 1 Comment Per Person/IP, Will Only Ship Within The U.S.



  1. So a guy walks into a bar and starts hitting his e-cig the bartender says “Hey no smoking inside” the guy replies “it’s not smoke it’s vapor” the bartender pulls out his IPV D2 and says no this is vapor. #cloudgang