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Tips for Buying a Gift for your Stoner Friend

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If you are looking to buy a gift for your buddy who likes to use cannabis on a regular basis, you are in luck. The impact the coronavirus has had on most industries has been devastating, but the cannabis industry has been booming during these unprecedented times. The marketplace is flooded with new marijuana products, so there are lots of different cannabis-related gifts readily available. However, if you are new to weed, you might find buying a gift for your stoner friend slightly overwhelming.

To help you decide on an ideal gift for a marijuana enthusiast, we have highlighted some of the different types of products that most cannabis users like to buy. Don’t worry too much about buying them a gift they already have, because lots of people like to carry two of the same items. For example, most stoners can never have enough bongs!

Grow Kit

Has your friend ever mentioned that they wanted to start growing cannabis at home? Well, if they have, a grow kit is the perfect gift for them. There are cannabis grow kits that allow new growers to cultivate and harvest marijuana. Most kits include the following:

  • Grow tent: Try to find a kit that includes a quality grow tent. Tents that use strong material will have a longer lifespan. Most growers reuse their tents several times. If you invest in a tent made up of low-quality material, your friend might have to replace it after a couple of grows.
  • Grow lights
  • Pots: Consider buying a kit that has a few different-sized pots. They will want to change the pots every so often, and as the plant grows, they might need bigger pots. 
  • Clip-on fan: Growers must create an outdoor environment inside their grow tent. A fan will help strengthen the plants while they are growing.
  • Carbon filter
  • Timer
  • Soil
  • Flowering solutions
  • Vegetative solutions

However, if you have experience growing cannabis yourself, you might want to buy each item individually. Grow kits are designed for first-time growers. You can save a lot of money if you purchase each grow item separately. But if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, it might be better to buy a grow kit instead.

Dab Rig

In recent years, dab rigs have been growing in popularity in the cannabis industry. Instead of smoking dried herb, cannabis users have been using dab rigs to consume concentrate waxes instead.

Don’t worry if you are feeling a little confused, even seasoned cannabis users struggle to get their heads around dabbing. Operating dab rigs is a lot easier than it sounds. Although some of the rigs on the market come with lots of different accessories, the concept is the same. You can buy them a water pipe that is equipped with material that allows you to dab shatters. Although it might look similar to a standard water pipe designed for smoking dried herb, these bongs or pipes allow the dab vapor to go through chambers within the pipe to cool the substance down before it enters the user’s lungs.

Because these rigs have only entered the market recently, it is unlikely that your friend already has one. Dab rigs are a unique gift that most stoners will be more than satisfied with.

Cannabis Vaping Device

A lot of people who don’t consume cannabis think that vaporizers are only used to vape e-juice containing nicotine. However, vaping is huge in the marijuana industry too. Instead of smoking traditional weed joints, or smoking through a bong, more people than ever before are vaping cannabis products through a vaping device. Here are some of the reasons why a cannabis vaporizer is such a good gift:

  • A lot of options: Because vaping cannabis is so popular, there are lots of different devices out there. Even if you are working off a small budget, you should be able to buy them a vape pen without breaking the bank. However, if you want to buy them a quality device, it will cost you approximately $100 or more.
  • You can adjust the heat: The majority of vaporizers out there allow the user to control the heat. The higher the heat, the faster the device will burn the weed. This allows the user to consume less cannabis but still get high. During these unprecedented times, a lot of folks have found themselves in financial difficulty, so a vaporizer that allows them to cut down on the amount of pot they smoke might prove to be a fantastic gift. 
  • Less odor: If your friend doesn’t want the world to know that they use pot, then a vaporizer will help them consume weed discreetly. Unlike a traditional joint, a vape pen doesn’t produce the same amount of smoke. It is unlikely that the people close by will be able to smell cannabis while your friend is vaping.

If you are finding it hard to decide on a vaporizer that your friend will like, consider checking out the different reviews on YouTube. Influencers and vaping enthusiasts often publish videos to streaming services, so potential buyers can get an idea of the different vaping devices on the market.

Top Quality Weed

Although it is an obvious gift, you can’t go wrong buying a nice bag of pot for your friend. Don’t assume that every strain does the same thing. Although your friend might have a favorite type of weed, the majority of cannabis users like to experiment with different strains.

If you live in a country where the sale of cannabis is legalized, you should be able to go to your local dispensary to buy weed. However, if you are nervous that one of your family members or colleagues will see you, then it might be a better option to shop for cannabis on the web. There are a lot of online dispensaries selling all different types of cannabis products. Instead of researching each brand, you should consider buying them an array of different strains. Perhaps a couple of grams of an Indica grown flower, a Sativa, and some hashish. If your friend has a sweet tooth, think about buying some edibles too.


Just like bongs, a stoner can never have enough grinders. Although you can grind up cannabis by hand, having a grinder will help you get the job done quickly and properly. A lot of high-quality weed is sticky, so grinding it with your fingers is not going to be easy. Instead, you place the bud into the grinder, twist it, and after a few seconds, your weed will be ready. Without having your trusty grinder on hand, you might find yourself spending a long time trying to grind the pot. Because it is so difficult to do it properly by hand, you might end up wasting a lot of weed. After using the grinder you will be able to roll tighter joints, and because the weed is fine and consistent after you have used the device, the joint will burn slower.

If you don’t have a lot of money for a gift, you can buy them a plastic grinder for less than $10. Although they don’t look as fancy as the shiny steel grinders out there, they will do a fantastic job grinding the pot.

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