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Top 10 Best Disposable Vape of 2023

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Disposable vapes have become the most popular choice among vaping devices in 2023. These devices have been around for about ten years, but they have recently received technological advancements that have greatly improved their performance. There’s a wide variety of disposable electronic cigarettes available, and we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best disposable vapes in 2023, which can be bought from West Coast Vape Supply, to help you choose the right one for you.

1. Geek Bar S6000

Geekvape, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality reusable vapes, also produces the disposable Geek Bar series. The Geek Bar S6000 stands out among its disposable counterparts. Each S6000 comes pre-filled with 14mL of e-Liquid and offers around 6000 puffs. There are ten distinct fruity flavors to choose from, all containing 5% nicotine salt.

It’s important to note that these flavors are all fruity, such as Blue Razz, cherry, and blackberry. If you’re seeking a creamier flavor or a traditional tobacco taste, this might not be the right choice for you. The transparent crystal case color corresponds to the vape flavor, making it easy to differentiate between different flavors.

The device is equipped with a 500 mAh built-in battery and features an LED indicator to alert you when the battery is running low. While not the most powerful battery on the market, it should last most vapers a couple of days. The S6000 is incredibly user-friendly – simply inhale from the mouthpiece to activate it. Its ergonomic mouthpiece design adds to its comfort and usability.

GeekBar S6000 Disposable Vape

2. Elf Bar BC5000

Elf Bar’s BC5000 is one of the most popular disposable vapes available, and its popularity is well-deserved. With a built-in 600 mAh battery, it can provide around 5000 puffs. The battery is rechargeable, extending the lifespan of this disposable device. Charging is done through a USB C port, although the charger must be purchased separately.

Featuring a mesh coil, the BC5000 offers more vapor and intense flavor upon inhalation. Remarkably, there are 63 flavor options to choose from, ranging from fruity and creamy to beverage-inspired, along with ice, menthol, and tobacco blends. Each device comes pre-filled with 13ml of vape juice containing 5% nicotine salt.

The BC5000 is user-friendly – simply take a draw to activate it. It’s slightly larger than the S6000 but remains easy to hold and handle. Its attractive appearance is complemented by a variety of dip-dyed color options with contrasting text. This vape provides excellent value for its quality.

3. Puff Hotbox

The Puff Hotbox stands out as a disposable vape with a rechargeable battery, making it an ideal option for those seeking higher capacity. With a 16ml e-liquid capacity and a 700 mAh battery, it offers around 7500 puffs. However, recharging the battery in intervals of 10 to 20 minutes is important to prevent overheating and flavor compromise.

Charging the Hotbox is done via a USB C port; each pack includes a charging cable for convenience. A lanyard hook is also included, allowing you to keep your vape with you wherever you go. There are 16 flavor options available, each containing 5% nicotine salt. These flavors predominantly feature fruity and candy characteristics, including choices like Tropical Slushee, White Gummi Ice, and Aloe Grape.

While a Clear e-juice option is available for those who prefer simplicity, there’s no tobacco flavor for ex-smokers seeking a cigarette-like experience. Like the previous vapes, the Hotbox uses a mesh coil for robust flavor and vapor production. It’s a cost-effective choice, offering great value for its size.

4. Puff Air

For those seeking an affordable disposable vape, the Puff AIR could be a fitting choice. The simple design features gradually tapering sides, vibrant colors, and contrasting text, all topped with the prominent Puff logo. Resembling a shampoo bottle, the AIR’s design is compact and highly portable.

Despite its economical price and compact size, it doesn’t compromise on performance. The built-in 1,000 mAh battery provides ample power. While this battery cannot be recharged, it boasts a longevity of 3,000 puffs. A mesh coil is included to enhance flavor and produce satisfying vapor clouds.

Each Puff Air device comes pre-filled with 8 ml of e-juice containing 5% synthetic nicotine salts. The device arrives fully charged and doesn’t require, nor support, recharging. Activation is as simple as drawing on the device.

The available flavors predominantly cater to fruit enthusiasts. Varieties like Watermelon Slushy, Berry Blast, and Unicorn Frappe, a concoction of cotton candy, blue raspberries, mangoes, and whipped cream, are part of the lineup.

However, the focus here is on sweetness and fruitiness, with no tobacco options. Yet, former menthol cigarette users might appreciate the Crisp Mint alternative.

5. Lost Mary OS5000

Crafted by the same creators behind Elf Bar, Lost Mary has also gained popularity, particularly in the United States. The OS5000, one of their disposable vapes, stands out as an excellent option.

Sporting a similar size and shape as the popular BC5000, the OS5000 distinguishes itself primarily through its finish. Unlike the smooth texture of the BC5000, the OS5000 features a tactile, pebbly surface.

The device boasts an attractive appearance, with appealing colors that contrast against bold, playful writing. Each Lost Mary OS5000 is pre-filled with 15ml of e-juice infused with nicotine salts.

With 12 fruity flavors to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Selections range from indulgent treats like Strawberry Sundae to refreshing options like Cranberry Soda and Pina Colada. For those who enjoy a cold kick, flavors like Blueberry Ice and Blue Razz Ice offer a blast of menthol.

However, individuals seeking a tobacco substitute flavor won’t find it among Lost Mary’s offerings.

The built-in 650 mAh battery powers the device for approximately 5,000 puffs. While recharging is possible via the USB C connector, a separate charging cable must be obtained.

6. Puff Boss

Another impressive addition from the Puff lineup is the BOSS disposable vape. Sharing the same vibrant and cheerful aesthetic as the AIR, the BOSS offers an enhanced vaping experience. For a slightly higher price, you can enjoy a built-in 1,200 mAh battery that lasts for approximately 3,500 puffs.

The BOSS arrives pre-filled with 9ml of e-juice. With a choice of 13 flavors, mostly fruity and featuring a nicotine salt level of 5%, options like Rainbow Ice (a fusion of fruit candies and menthol), Pineapple Grape, and Gummy are available.

The flavor lineup caters to those with a preference for sweet fruit and candy tastes, appealing more to younger palates. However, tobacco-like vaping experiences are not included, and even though ice flavors are present, they don’t prioritize mint.

Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, the device is highly portable. The simple cylindrical shape facilitates convenient storage in pockets or bags. Although the design might not be the most visually striking, the color-coded flavors ensure that you won’t mix them up when carrying multiple devices.

7. Zovoo Dragbar B5000

Designed for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping, the Zovoo Dragbar B5000 disposable vape shares several features with the Elf Bar BC5000, including a 5,000 puff capacity. If you’re not a constant vaper, this device can last you a few days.

Notably, the mouthpiece on the Dragbar B5000 is larger and arguably more comfortable than the one on the BC5000. Positioned at the center of the device, it offers a pleasant vaping experience.

With a 500 mAh battery (slightly lower than the BC5000’s 650 mAh) and a compact form factor with comfortable curved edges, the device fits easily in the palm of your hand. The combination of colors and text creates an appealing and attention-catching appearance.

Available in 10 distinct flavors, while the selection isn’t as extensive as some other models, it covers the essential flavor categories. Fruity blends such as watermelon lychee and kiwi passionfruit guava are available, as well as dessert flavors like strawberry ice cream and pina colada from the beverage section. Mint enthusiasts will enjoy the mint twist, while those transitioning from cigarettes can opt for vanilla cream tobacco.

These vapes utilize mesh coils to deliver instant powerful flavor and abundant vapor, operating quietly with only a faint hiss. A notable feature is the option to choose from three different nicotine levels in your e-juice, catering to individual preferences. Additionally, a nicotine-free alternative is available for those seeking a non-addictive vaping experience.

8. Vaporlax Mesh

The enhanced Vaporlax Mesh retains its 6.5ml salt juice capacity, but now boasts an impressive 3000 puffs, doubling the previous 1500 puffs. What’s truly remarkable is the introduction of super-smooth adjustable airflow and an extensive array of 25 flavor combinations. Ranging from fruits and menthol to sweets and everything in between, these options cater to a wide palate. Furthermore, nicotine levels vary from 50MG to 25MG, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience across the board. Vaporlax disposables have garnered a dedicated following, and the Vaporlax Mesh may very well be their most exceptional disposable vape to date.

9. Dinner Lady Vape Pen

Dinner Lady’s vape pens adopt a slender, tube-like design reminiscent of traditional cigarettes, setting them apart from many other models. Available individually or in packs of three, these vape pens are affordable and straightforward to use.

Each vape pen is pre-filled with 20ml of nicotine e-liquid. The sleek design incorporates an ergonomic mouthpiece for enhanced comfort. Notably, the leak-proof construction allows for worry-free transportation.

Equipped with a basic organic cotton wick and a built-in 350 mAh battery, the vape pen delivers a gentle 1.5ml of e liquid. This translates to around 400 puffs, making it a less suitable choice for heavy vapers.

A wide variety of flavors is available, encompassing fruity profiles, beverage-inspired concoctions, desserts, and menthol options. Additionally, a Smooth Tobacco flavor is included, aligning with the cigarette-shaped design of the vape pen.

The emphasis here centers around a discreet vaping experience. The cotton wick design doesn’t produce substantial vapor clouds, so if cloud production is a priority, this device might not be the best fit for your preferences.

10. Flum Float 3000

Wrapping up our list is the Flum Float 3000, a straightforward, compact, and user-friendly disposable vape. Operating upon inhalation, it lacks a rechargeable battery and is designed for single-use convenience.

Boasting a respectable 1,100 mAh battery capacity, the vape comes pre-filled with 8ml of vape liquid containing 5% nicotine salts. This quantity translates to approximately 3,000 puffs, offering ample enjoyment.

The device features a cylindrical form factor with a smaller mouthpiece compared to many other models. Its compact size allows it to seamlessly slip into pockets or bags. The design employs two vibrant colors, each corresponding to a specific flavor for easy distinction.

With a selection of 14 diverse flavors, fruit profiles take center stage. Options like Peach Gelato, Strawberry Ice Cream, Strawberry Mango, and Mixed Berries are part of the lineup. Many of these flavors carry a subtle menthol undertone, providing a refreshing finish.

Final Thoughts

These selections represent some of the finest disposable vapes available in 2023 here at West Coast Vape Supply. While we acknowledge that the year isn’t over yet, and there might be additions or modifications before its conclusion, these 10 disposable vapes currently stand as unrivaled choices. Whether you’re seeking convenience, flavor diversity, or a specific vaping experience, this list covers an array of preferences and needs within the disposable vape market.

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