There are loads of items on the market today, yet not all are created equal. For this reason, we’re publishing this article with the top 5 best CBD vape juice brands and flavors of 2019 to make your shopping experience easier, and choosing the best items available simpler. If you’re interested in both vaping and CBD, this is the one article you’ll want to keep on standby, as it shares the industry’s best brands and their most popular flavor within its arsenal.

Best CBD Vape Juice Brands and Flavors

1. Naked 100 CBD

Naked 100, the parent company of Naked 100 CBD, delivers many of the most popular flavors that built the success of the original brand, yet infusing it with the powerful benefits of pure CBD. Naked 100 has been around the block a time or two and visiting a vapor shop, you’ll more than likely see their line of flavors. The Naked 100 brand launched in 2016 and quickly became the leading e-liquid brand with award-winning collections.

Flavor: Hawaiian POG CBD Vape Juice

While there are many flavors, actually the most popular of its e-liquid line, Hawaiian POG CBD Vape Juice is the most popular. It provides an outstanding taste with flavors of passion fruit, orange, and guava, which flow nicely with one another. Enjoy a nice and smooth flavor and vapor production, while at the same time feeling relaxed to a whole new level with the power of CBD.

2. Koi CBD

Recognized as the leader in all things Cannabidiol, Koi CBD has definitely made its market on the industry. It is plastered throughout vape and CBD shops and offers a whole slew of products that range from gummies to tinctures to topicals. If you’re looking for the definitive brand of CBD, e-liquid or not, Koi CBD is the way to go.

Flavor: Koi Tropical Popsicle

In this outstanding collection of products is a single bottle of CBD e-liquid that is sure to hit the spot. It delivers a remarkable taste your receptors will thank you for. Imagine the taste of summer, minus the heat. It’s a bit like that, a tropical island flavor that consists of flavors like cherries, exotic lime, and what would it be without a dash of California whitebark raspberries. Ultimately, you experience an uplifting taste that will brighten your day and an infusion of CBD to complete the experience with relaxation to the fullest.

3. Mingo Rad by CbdMD

CbdMD is a remarkably built brand that features a whole slew of CBD-infused products. While they have many, its Mingo Rad collection of CBD e-liquid is one of the most fascinating in its arsenal. All of its premium quality CBD products are manufactured domestically in the USA, which is where most people experience the difference. What you’ll find even more interesting about this brand is Mingo Rad, an assortment of premium e-liquid flavors that deliver natural relaxation.

Flavor: Electric Razz

Electric Razz is the most popular CBD e-liquid flavor in the Mingo Rad line-up.  It’s a flavor that is sweet, overly delicious with every draw, and ultimately offers the taste natural berries that are infused with a potent dose of pure CBD isolate.

4. Pachamama CBD

While many know them as a nicotine e-liquid brand, they’ve created a sub-brand that is made up of full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate products that are geared towards providing holistic benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. The products include pain cream, black pepper turmeric echinacea, athletic rub, and even a line of CBD e-liquid. Its most popular flavor is Strawberry Watermelon, which provides a delicious taste and rapid benefits.

Flavor: Strawberry Watermelon

The Pachamama CBD Strawberry Watermelon e-liquid flavor delivers outstanding taste in each draw. You’ll the sweet and decadent flavor of strawberries that have been perfected blended with mouthwatering watermelon. This brilliantly crafted flavor offers the amazing benefits of THC-free CBD isolate, while also being infused with loads of flavor. Each draw will allow you to blow plumes of vapor while you relax from the lingering taste.

5. CBDfx CBD

CBDfx is one of the industry’s most recognized brands, and there is a very good reason why. They’ve not only been in the game for a while, but they’ve produced some of the industry’s most popular CBD products, ranging from full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Everything about the brand feels natural, it’s super clean, and has a high quality, compared to many brands and products on the market. Ultimately, you’re left with the purest form of relaxation, and one of the best ways to experience it is from the Wild Watermelon CBD E-Liquid.

Flavor: Wild Watermelon

As a part of the CBDfx Vape Series, Wild Watermelon is one of the best flavors you’ve ever taste in your vaporizer. It provides luscious clouds of flavor and plumes of vapor that you can continue to enjoy throughout the 30ML bottle. It provides fine details, such as perfected blending, smooth draws, and unbelievable taste. The overall taste is simply that, watermelon, and lots of it. If you’re looking for an all-day CBD vape, Wild Watermelon is where you’ll want to start.