After Evolv released its groundbreaking technology, the DNA40 Temperature Control Board, it sent shock-waves throughout the vaping market, and manufacturers were quick to mimic the feature and release it.  There are many box mods on the market that remain an authentic DNA40 board, while many others have cloned or released its own version of the popular technology.  As more consumers continued to hype up the feature, in regular fashion, manufacturers began to pour out a slew of temp controlled box mods.  Today, we’re going to share what we feel are the top 5 best temperature control box mods of 2015 and explain why.

(The temperature control box mods displayed on each page are in no particular order and only reflect the opinion of Guide To Vaping)


1. VaporShark rDNA 40

rDNA 40rDNA 40 Information

The rDNA 40 is a box mod manufactured by Vapor Shark, an electronic cigarette and e-liquid company based in Miami, Florida.  The VaporShark rDNA 40 comes in at just 3.25″ tall, 1.67″ in width, a mere 0.95″ in depth and has a sturdy weight of 6.8 ounces.  The device is made from zinc alloy and delivers a stunning appearance as it’s completed with a black matte finish.  It boasts a large uniquely placed OLED screen towards the bottom of the device, while running the length of the body is a magnetic door, which holds a replaceable single LG 2500mAh 35A 18650 battery.

The rDNA 40 features a gold-plated spring-loaded center pin, a fire button that illuminates blue on the edge when the button is pressed, red when the device is charging and green when the device has completed its charge.  It also features integrated wireless charging, a ZIP high-speed charging system, and a reverse polarity buzzer.  The rDNA 40 is powered by an authentic Evol DNA 40D Board, has the ability to fire up to 40 watts, supports 0.16Ω or higher and has temperature control.


Because the rDNA 40 is truly one of the greatest mods to ever hit the vaping market.  It has a stunning appearance, customization options to give it a more personal feel, and a sense of simplicity throughout the entire device, even though it’s one of the most advanced.  It offers one of the most consistent vapes available and it allows temperature control to be easily adopted by newer vapers since it lacks an elaborate on-board menu system and button combination.  It fits in the top 5 best temperature control box mods of 2015 because it’s a great device paired with the original temperature control chip that made this advanced portion of vaping what it has become.

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  1. The one thing that I do like about temp controlled devices, which I first tried on my Vaporshark rDNA40 is the fact that Titanium wire works just as well if not better than Ni200. For some reason when I use it in my Lemon v2 it produces a cleaner flavor and an even more consistent vape. I have tried the Titanium on all of my temp devices, Vaporshark rDNA40, Vapor flask DNA40, as well as my SX Mini M Class and they all perform well with it. I am waiting to try Joytech’s OCC TI coils and see how they are. Temp is where it’s at! Another good mod is the Snow Wolf 200 watt temperature regulated device, it is solid and produces a good consistent vape. Just wanted to share these few things. Vape On!!

  2. I think you may have missed the best device out of the top 5 and would go straight in @ #1 that is the SnowWolf 200 watt TC mod, why this is the one and only TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED device on the market all the rest are just Temp limiting devices, the SnowWolf for me is now the benchmark of TC devices

    • I absolutely agree that the snow wolf 200 is one of if not the best device of all. It is super hard to get your hands on it. I have the Evic VT, the sigelei 150 and the new Quad 807. The snow wolf will make my group of mods complete and the best collection of mods everywhere. Besides that, your list is good. Just why isn’t the snow wolf on the list? What made you not include it?

      • The main reason I didn’t include it was because I personally don’t like the style of it more than the other mods I did include, and the SnowWolf I received has an issue with getting out and in the temperature mode. I did hear however, that there is another version of the SnowWolf that allows you to manually choose which mode you want to be in. It’s been a little bit and I’ve had time to mess with these mods even more, and I’d definitely replace the eVic VT with the SnowWolf, just as long as the SnowWolf was that updated version. Obviously, I would of course trade out the rDNA40 with a DNA 200 device as well. Out of them all, I’ve been using my iPV4 the most.

        • Please correct me if I’m wrong, but, doesn’t the Snow Wolf have the ability of upgrading the firmware? This should eliminate having to “wait for an updated version”. You can update it yourself.

          (I could be confusing this with a different mod. Again, please correct me if I’m wrong)

  3. The sx mini is ok but only 1 18650 but can buy add on tube just a money grab there then the ipv4&ipv4s is the same with 20w more with the s mode then your got the dna 40s vapourshark the flask H cigar are better made modes but more $$$ but that dont compansate the price $400 for a flask squonk please id take the ipv4 and the $300 less & buy the best temp mode buy FAR the SNOWOLF i build on titanium at 60w flavour 2nd to none & clouds i cant see my TV at time so thick clouds only the DNA200 when it hits will take over but takes poli batts so new charger new batts plus the mod if your got a spare $500 well go for it im so happy with my WOLF AWOOO lol