Just when you think Pioneer4You will start running at an even pace with the rest of the manufacturers, it releases yet another device into its very popular and highly favored iPV Series.  This time they’ve come out with a new mod, which sports quite the appealing design.  The iPV D2 is Pioneer4You’s latest take on the iPV Mini V2, but features temperature control from utilizing a YiHi Chip that sports the new Joules mode.  Since this device is still so new, there’s very little information provided by Pioneer4You and the device itself is still under development, but in normal vape market fashion, the device will be coming very soon.  (Some vendors already have them on their site waiting for their release)

What’s Known

  • Uses YiHi Chip
  • Has Temperature Control
  • Offers Up To 50 Joules
  • Uses a Single 18650 Battery
  • Has Slip on Battery Compartment Cover (like the iPV4)

iPV D2 ModiPV D2 SizeiPV D2 Battery CompartmentiPV D2 Bottom


Price: $59.95